Do Your Manners Belong More in Canada or the US?

Teresa M.

What would you do if you accidentally passed wind during a meeting?

How would you tell a friend that they have spinach in their teeth?

Do you hold doors for others?

How would you rate your table manners?

How would you react to getting the wrong meal delivered to your table?

How would you make guests feel comfortable in your home?

Do you always say excuse me when you belch?

If someone told you to take as many doughnuts as you like from a basket, how many would you take?

What would you be found doing at an office party?

Would anyone say you are mouthy?

Do you send thank you cards for gifts?

What would you say is your best trait?

Which region of the U.S. do you think has the best manners?

Do you say please when you are ordering fast food?

Do you let people with one item check out before you at the grocery store?

Why might you send a friend a bouquet of flowers?

Which animal do you think has the best manners?

Do you always say what you think?

Do you let cars cut in before you in traffic?

Are you more emotional or logical?

What would you do for a sick friend?

If someone is annoying you, how do you handle it?

How would your coworkers describe you?

How do you handle stress?

Do you correct grammar on social media?

Are you easily angered?

Do you say thank you when you pay for something?

How would you handle having someone's snoring keep you away?

What would you do if you saw someone being bullied?

What do you say when you hang up the phone?

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About This Quiz

Are you so polite that you could live in Canada? We're not saying that Americans are impolite, but Canadians have more of a stiff upper lip. Let's take a deep look at your manners and find out if you belong more in the United States or if you should pack your bags and move to Canada. 

While different American regions are known for their various flavors of behavior and etiquette, we generally see our friends north of the border as being far more polite - at least on the surface. Answer our questions about the way you handle various situations, about your personality, and about the way you live your life, and we will be able to make the call. 

Are you the type that will hold a door for a stranger, or do you keep moving and mind your own business? The little, every day things you do will give away your mannerisms. While everyone has a hasty moment of being in their own world, the attention you pay to others and the way you react makes all the difference. Tell us how nice you are, and we'll tell you if your passport needs an American flag or a maple leaf!

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