Do Your Wedding Makeup and We’ll Reveal Your Celebrity Style Twin

Heather Cahill

Is there any specific look that you want to achieve on your special day?

Are you going to apply moisturizer for that perfect glow on your big day?

Will you use any foundation for that nice, even look?

From the many ways of applying foundation, which of the following methods will you use?

What type of brow look are you going for today?

Do you want to add any extra dimension to your eyes with a pair of fake lashes?

Will you wear multiple shades of eyeshadow?

Besides blushing upon the sight of your significant other, will you wear any blush for your wedding day?

It might be hard to conceal a smile on one of the most important days of your life, but will concealer be something that you'll use?

Do you want your makeup to compliment your outfit?

What color of eye shadow will you use?

Defining your features is something that many like to do. Will you be contouring?

Are you going to use any mascara?

Eye shadow primer can give you a great base for your eye shadow. Do you want to wear it on your wedding day?

Is there any makeup brand that you have to have on your wedding day?

What color of eyeliner will you wear?

Which of the following kinds of highlighter will you use?

Decorations will line the venue, but will lip liner be applied to your lips?

Will you use setting powder or spray?

If you're getting married somewhere tropical, you might get the perfect natural glow. Is bronzer on your makeup checklist?

What lip color will you go with?

Is there any aspect of the look that you know your significant other will love?

Do you think that the most time will be spent perfecting your makeup?

Is there a certain reaction that you want people to have when they see your makeup?

Will you have a professional artist do your makeup?

There's nothing like showing off your style on your wedding day. Will you have any type of eyeliner design applied to your eyes?

Did anyone inspire your makeup look?

What name would you give your ideal wedding makeup look?

Will any parts of your makeup mimic your outfit?

Is there anything that you would change about your makeup?

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Image: Thomas Barwick / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Most people dream of their big day. They think about who they will marry, where it will be and what they will wear. They also have to think about what kind of makeup they want for the most important day of their life. Your wedding can reflect your style, mood and many other things. So can your makeup! On this quiz, you'll have to tell us what you want your eyeliner, lipstick, foundation and more to look like. Then we'll give you your celebrity style twin.

Often, makeup can match our own sense of style. Maybe you're into wearing darker shades and colors. Your makeup might match as you'll also wear darker shades or colors. Maybe you even look to celebrities for some style inspiration for yourself. You might like celebrities who wear quirky clothing if you yourself like to stand out. Or maybe you prefer to take notes from celebrities who enjoy wearing the most fashion-forward outfits. We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves through our clothing.

So, are you ready to find out which celebrity you're style twins with? You'll have to tell us all about your wedding day makeup, then let us do the rest. Take the quiz to find out!

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