Quiz: Does He Love Me? Does He Love Me Not?
Does He Love Me? Does He Love Me Not?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Some men are Real Men (TM) in the finest sense of the word. They respect women as equals, and they hold themselves to very high standards. They never leave anyone they date in the slightest doubt about where they stand. If they say that they are going to call, they always call. If they aren't going to call, they don't just slink off into the abyss and disappear. 

Indeed, they would never even dream of ghosting anybody. On the contrary, if they're not into it, they have the common decency and basic good manners to tell you to your face. Sure, it can hurt to hear that, and they know it, but they do their best to soften the blow, knowing that it's a lot less painful than the alternative of waiting and wondering.

Not all of these men are already married, so there's a good chance that if you date men, you might find one. However, there are also plenty of men out there who aren't going to meet the above standard, and that doesn't mean they aren't good husband or boyfriend material. It just means they're a little shy, or they have some emotional maturity left to gain, or they're just not the best communicator. 

Perhaps they're actually great at all those things and not at all shy, but their job or health or family situation means that they have to focus elsewhere, and their dating life gets short shrift. They might actually be great guys. How do you know if the guy you're into right now is one of these lovely men, and if so, whether he's into you? Let's find out!

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