Quiz: Does This Car Part Belong to the Engine or the Transmission?
Does This Car Part Belong to the Engine or the Transmission?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

In a motor vehicle, one is just as crucial as the other.

Without either an engine or a transmission, be it automatic or manual, a car is not going anywhere. 

Some would say the engine is more critical but without the transmission, all that power generated by the engine cannot be transferred into motion.  

And I am sure you will agree, a car that doesn't move is pretty useless. 

Both the transmission system and the engine on your car are nothing short of a technological miracle filled with thousands and thousands of moving parts, big and small, each as important as the next. Without these parts, your car is not worth much.

As an auto nut, you may be aware of some of them, be it parts of the engine or the transmission. Now, we not going to ask you to name them in this quiz, we just want you to be able to tell if they come from the engine or the transmission by looking at a single image.

Seem easy? It really isn't. This is going to test you like never before! But with a little thought and maybe some luck, you should ace it.

Good Luck!

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