Quiz: The Ultimate Dog Show Quiz
The Ultimate Dog Show Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Dog shows have a long history from their humble beginnings to the large globally renowned shows we know today. There are highly professional shows as well as more laid back shows that anyone and any breed of furry friend can enter. If you entered a dog show, which breed would you enter?

Do you know the amount of points each award earns a pooch? Do you know the different kinds of shows that you can enter your dog in? Can you name some of the largest and most well-known dog shows around the world? Make sure you know the basics, the breeds, and the shows to ace this quiz!

Can you name the classes used in conformation shows? Do you know which breed has won the most titles at the Westminster Show? Do you know how to prepare a dog before competing in a dog show? Knowing the requirements and in depth information on dog shows will be helpful!

If you don't ace this quiz, you'll want to make sure to learn some more facts and maybe even attend a few more dog shows! But if you think you're an expert on all things dogs and dog shows, take the quiz to prove your knowledge!

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