Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Dogs, Kids and Health
Fact or Fiction: Dogs, Kids and Health
By: Staff
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Whether we want to believe it or not, owning a dog, or simply being around man's best friend, has a number of health benefits. See if you can separate fact from fiction.

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Therapy dogs can help some children learn to read.
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Children who have pets at home have a less favorable view of wild animals.
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A child’s body actually goes through physical changes when the child spends about a half hour with a dog.
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Having a dog or cat at home can lower a child's cholesterol.
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Dog owners have a lower risk of dying from heart failure.
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Children who suffer autism can relate better to a dog than they can to a human.
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Children who grow up around pets are more likely to develop allergies.
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Dogs can warn diabetic children when there is a sudden drop in the child’s level of blood glucose.
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Doctors recommend that kids with ADHD should not be allowed to have a dog as a pet because of the child's erratic behavior.
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“Seizure dogs” are specially trained to work with children who suffer from ADHD.
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Children living with a dog are less active than children who do not have a dog at home.
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A child who did not talk for six years started talking when a therapy dog visited his school.
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Children who are not pet owners deal with death better than children who have pets.
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Petting a dog can help a child keep high blood pressure at bay.
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Therapists often tell their depressed patients to keep away from dogs.
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Children are more likely to make friends when they have a pet.
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Dogs can help autistic children become more social.
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Pets, including dogs, can relieve pain.
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Children with pets spend less time in school.
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Dogs and other pets reduce stress in children and adults more than a friend or family member.
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