Don't Dream It, Be It: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Quiz

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What ever became of Rocky's gold hot pants?

Peter Hinwood sold them through an auction house in 1994, and now Rocky's gold hot pants are part of the Hard Rock memorabilia collection.

Whose lips famously appear in the movie's opening credits?

Patricia Quinn's lips appear in the movie's opening credits (but Quinn isn't the one singing the song).

Whose lips famously appear on the movie poster?

Model Lorelei Shark's lips appeared on the movie poster.

What's on the radio in Brad's car?

Before breaking down, Brad and Janet are listening to Richard Nixon's resignation speech.

What newspaper does Janet have with her?

Janet is carrying a copy of The Plain Dealer with her.

Who is the narrator of this story?

"The Criminologist," played by Charles Gray, is the narrator of this story.

Which Rolling Stone wanted to play the Dr. Frank N Furter movie role?

Mick Jagger is said to have wanted the Dr. Frank N Furter role.

Who, in addition to Barry Bostwick, auditioned for the role of Brad?

Steve Martin auditioned for the role of Brad.

Before he was in "Rocky Horror," what role did Barry Bostwick have in the Broadway version of "Grease"?

Before his role in "Rocky Horror," Barry Bostwick played Danny Zuko in the Broadway version of "Grease."

What happened at the Waverly Theater in New York City's Greenwich Village on April Fool's Day 1976?

The first midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" took place at the Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village on April Fool's Day in 1976.

Who was accused of being an imposter and thrown out of a midnight showing at the Waverly Theater?

Tim Curry was accused of being an imposter, despite having called ahead, and was kicked out of a midnight showing at the Waverly Theater.

Which classic film is not mentioned in the opening song "Science Fiction, Double Feature?"

"Doctor X," "Forbidden Planet" and "King Kong," among several others, are mentioned in "Science Fiction, Double Feature." "Glen or Glenda," from 1953, is not.

It's just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. And then, what?

Then, you put your hands on your hips. Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?

Who was an influence on Dr. Frank N Furter's voice?

According to Tim Curry, he made the Frank N Furter voice a bit like Queen Elizabeth II and a bit like his mother, Patricia Curry.

Which isn't a prop used in audience participation?

Audience participation includes rice, rubber gloves and toast (whether it's buttered or not is controversial). But not plastic forks.

What is hidden beneath Frank-N-Furter’s throne?

A literal Easter egg is hidden under the throne. How did this come to be? The story goes there was a real Easter egg hunt on the set, and some eggs can be seen in the movie.

What convention is meeting at the castle?

"Frank N Furter" was hosting the Annual Transylvanian Convention.

Which item is not on the grocery list in the lab?

The grocery list, written on the lab wall, includes flour, eggs, bread, sugar and two hypodermics.

What does the tattoo on Dr. Frank N Furter's upper right arm say?

The tattoo on his upper right arm says "BOSS."

Does Brad have any tattoos?

As he explains, "Certainly not!"

What part of his body is Rocky missing?

Because he was made and not born, Rocky didn't have an umbilical cord -- and no umbilical cord means no navel.

Where does Dr. Frank N Furter tell Brad and Janet he's from?

Frank, he'll tell you in Sweet Transvestite, is from Transexual, Transylvania.

What record does "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" hold?

All those late-night showings add up. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is the longest-running theatrical film.

Which member of the cast wrote the original musical, called "The Rocky Horror Show"?

Richard O'Brien wrote the original musical and co-wrote the screenplay for the film version.

If you're in the audience, what should you do when Brad yells "Great Scott!"

When Brad yells "Great Scott!," participating moviegoers throw a roll of (Scott) toilet paper.

Whose performance -- dialogue and singing -- was dubbed over with a different voice?

It's said because Peter Hinwood, who played Rocky Horror, couldn't stay in key, his songs were dubbed (and we hear singer Trevor White). In the end, his dialogue was dubbed, as well.

How many days does it take Frank N Furter to make you a man?

In just seven days, Frank N Furter can make you a man. Dig it if you can.

What kind of device does Dr. Scott imagine the sonic transducer is?

Dr. Scott supposes that the sonic transducer is a type of audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device.

What does Frank N Furter use the sonic transducer for?

Frank N Furter immobilizes Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott with the sonic transducer.

What is the machine called that Magenta uses to transform Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott into naked statues?

Magenta turns Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott into stone statues with Medusa.

What does Riff Raff's laser shoot?

His laser can shoot a beam of pure anti-matter.

Who, in the end, is an alien?

Riff Raff reveals he, Magenta and Frank N Furter are aliens.

Which of these films was not shot at the same house that was used as Frank N Furter's castle?

"Men in Black" was not shot at Oakley Court, the name of the Victorian mansion that starred as Frank N Furter's castle.

Which is the (semi-) sequel to "Rocky Horror"?

"Shock Treatment," which premiered in 1981, is more of a follow-up on Brad and Janet than a true sequel. Rocky Horror alums Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, and Little Nell all returned.

What was "Rocky Horror" selected for by the Library of Congress, in 2005?

"Rocky Horror" was chosen for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry in 2005.

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