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In which year was Beetlejuice released?

Beetlejuice was released on March 30, 1988 in the USA.

Who is Adam married to?

Adam and Barbara's last name was Maitland.

Which famous actor plays the role of Adam Maitland?

Alec Baldwin has acted in more than 100 films.

Which famous actress plays the role of Barbara Maitland?

Geena Davis was born in Wareham, Massachusetts.

Adam and Barbara are...

They have died when their car crashed into a river and they drown.

What book does Barbara find on the table in their house?

They finally realize that they have actually died.

Who is the Maitland's House sold to?

The Deetz family consists of a husband, wife and one daughter.

What is the name of Charles and Delia's daughter?

Lydia has a goth style and comes from Charles' first marriage.

What profession does Lydia aspire to be?

She generally carries her camera around with her taking random photos everywhere.

Which famous actress plays the role of Lydia Deetz?

Beetlejuice was just the 3rd film that Winona Ryder acted in!

What is the name of the decorator that Delia hires to spruce up the house to her standards?

Otho is played by the late William "Glenn Shadix" Scott who passed away on September 7, 2010.

Once the Deetz family moves in, where do Adam and Barbara stay?

Adam keeps the door locked to keep the new owners out.

Who finds the extra key to the attic and tries to open the door?

Lydia finds a skeleton key and is a very curious girl.

Who plays the role of Beetlejuice?

Michael Keaton was born Michael John Douglas and changed his name for professional purposes.

Which famous director directed Beetlejuice?

Tim Burton is well known for other films such as Edward Scissorhands, Batman, and Sleepy Hollow.

Who is Barbara and Adam's case worker?

Juno was played by Sylvia Sidney - it is said that Tim Burton called her directly and begged her to play the role. She passed on July 1, 1999.

How do Barbara and Adam reach the waiting room in the afterlife?

After consulting with the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Adam makes the door.

Lydia considers herself to be "strange and ______"

"Well, I've read through that handbook for the recently deceased. It says: 'live people ignore the strange and unusual". I myself am strange and unusual."

What is revealed when Lydia snaps polaroids of Adam and Barbara dressed as ghosts?

This confirms to Lydia that they really are ghosts and that she can see them!

Actress Catherine O'Hara play the role of _______ in Beetlejuice.

Catherine O'Hara is also known as Kevin's Mom in Home Alone!

Where did Adam and Barbara first see Beetlejuice?

Juno warns them not to take the advice of anyone they saw on television!

How many times do you have to say Beetlejuice in for for him to appear?

Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!!

What do Adam and Barbara have to do to get Beetlejuice out?

Beetlejuice left some shovels and a sign saying 'Dig'.

Why do Adam and Barbara contact Beetlejuice?

Their current scare tactics were not working so they thought they should step it up with his help!

How many people are around the table for Delia's dinner party?

Delia invited them over to check out her new sculptures and artwork.

Which song plays during the famous dinner party scene?

Banana Boat Song is by Harry Belafonte.

What does the shrimp cocktail turn into during the dinner scene?

The hands reach up and grab the guests in the face!

What does Otho pick up from the table and turn into a make-believe drum?

He picks it up, dumps out the ice and starts hitting the bottom of it like a drum.

What is the name of Charles' boss who comes to dinner?

Maxie Dean and his wife Sarah came to the Deetz house for dinner.

When Charles pitches his boss on turning the town into a tourist hot spot, what does Maxie want first?

Charles thinks that the town's charm and supernatural events will excite people to visit their town.

Why does Juno reprimand Adam and Barbara?

Three rules they broke were having their photograph taken, letting Beetlejuice out, and letting Otho get a hold of the handbook.

Which dinner guest gets a hold of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased?

Otho then wants to perform a seance to get the ghosts to come out.

What does Beetlejuice demand in order for him to rescue Barbara and Adam from Otho's seance?

Lydia agrees and the Maitlands are saved.

Who is depressed and writes a suicide note during the movie?

Barbara shows compassion and talks her out of it.

Who lives happily ever after in the house?

Both families coexist in the house by the end of the movie and Lydia is super happy!

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