Quiz: Don't get scared with this Beetlejuice quiz!
Don't get scared with this Beetlejuice quiz!
By: Tamar Aprahamian
Image: The Movie DB

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Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

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In which year was Beetlejuice released?
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Who is Adam married to?
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Which famous actor plays the role of Adam Maitland?
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Which famous actress plays the role of Barbara Maitland?
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Adam and Barbara are...
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What is the name of Charles and Delia's daughter?
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What profession does Lydia aspire to be?
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Which famous actress plays the role of Lydia Deetz?
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What is the name of the decorator that Delia hires to spruce up the house to her standards?
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Once the Deetz family moves in, where do Adam and Barbara stay?
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Who finds the extra key to the attic and tries to open the door?
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Who plays the role of Beetlejuice?
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Which famous director directed Beetlejuice?
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Who is Barbara and Adam's case worker?
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Lydia considers herself to be "strange and ______"
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What is revealed when Lydia snaps polaroids of Adam and Barbara dressed as ghosts?
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Actress Catherine O'Hara play the role of _______ in Beetlejuice.
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Where did Adam and Barbara first see Beetlejuice?
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How many times do you have to say Beetlejuice in for for him to appear?
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What do Adam and Barbara have to do to get Beetlejuice out?
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How many people are around the table for Delia's dinner party?
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Which song plays during the famous dinner party scene?
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What does the shrimp cocktail turn into during the dinner scene?
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What does Otho pick up from the table and turn into a make-believe drum?
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What is the name of Charles' boss who comes to dinner?
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When Charles pitches his boss on turning the town into a tourist hot spot, what does Maxie want first?
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Which dinner guest gets a hold of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased?
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What does Beetlejuice demand in order for him to rescue Barbara and Adam from Otho's seance?
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Who is depressed and writes a suicide note during the movie?
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Who lives happily ever after in the house?
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