Quiz: DON'T Take This Spelling Quiz If You Have a Low IQ
DON'T Take This Spelling Quiz If You Have a Low IQ
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you are a spelling champion? There's a reason that spelling bees are a popular contest for kids and even adults. Spelling is no easy task. English has its roots in Latin, Greek, French, and more, and constantly borrows words from languages around the world as it grows and changes. To know how to spell properly in English not only means that a person has mastered a language which many experts say has one of the largest vocabularies of any spoken language on earth, but that they understand how to spell in other languages too.    

Even native speakers often struggle with English spelling, and its no mystery why. In a language where "wait" and "weight" sound the same and "colonel" is pronounced like "kernel," things get very confusing from time to time.  Regional accents also change how people pronounce words all over the world. If you grew up hearing the people around you say "probly," you might be surprised to learn that it's spelled "probably."  On top of this, most Americans read at a junior high school level, meaning that most of English's vast vocabulary is not used all that often by the majority of speakers.  

If you are a master speller, see if you can take on this quiz! 

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