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True or false: "Dragnet" started as a radio program.

The show started on the radio, premiering on June 3, 1949, with Jack Webb as Joe Friday.


What year did "Dragnet" premiere on TV?

"Dragnet" premiered on television on Dec. 16, 1951, and ran for 276 episodes through 1959.


Where was the show set?

Like any good detective show, "Dragnet" revealed the dark underworld of Los Angeles.


True or false: Joe Friday often stated that he wanted "just the facts, ma'am."

While Friday was big on facts, this often-repeated phrase was never uttered throughout the course of the show.


What was Joe Friday's badge number?

Friday's 714 badge served as a logo for the show.


True or false: The Los Angeles Police Department retired badge number 714 when Jack Webb died.

After Joe Friday actor Jack Webb died, the LAPD retired the badge number to honor the fictional officer.


Who played Officer Frank Smith on the show?

Alexander starred as Officer Frank Smith on 66 episodes of "Dragnet."


What year did "Dragnet" return to TV, in color this time?

"Dragnet 1967" premiered on July 12, 1970, and ran through 1970.


How many seasons did "Dragnet 1967" run?

In its second go-round, the show ran for 102 episodes over four seasons.


What drug was the focus of the pilot episode of "Dragnet 1967"?

Often referred to as the "blue boy" episode, the pilot episode of "Dragnet 1967" featured a boy who painted his face blue after using LSD.


Who was Friday's partner in the 1967 incarnation of the show?

Officer Bill Gannon, played by Harry Morgan, is Joe Friday's partner on the show.


What is Officer Paul Culver accused of doing in the episode "The Interrogation"?

Culver is accused of robbing a liquor store and undergoes a tough interrogation by Joe Friday before being cleared of the crime.


Where is Friday involved in a shooting during "The Shooting Board" episode?

Joe Friday is subject to scrutiny after shooting a burglar at a laundromat during season two.


What pyramid scheme is Bonnie Bates involved in during the season two episode "The Pyramid Swindle"?

Bates runs a swindle known as Dollar-Wise, in which hopeful investors pay $200 to join and recruit new members.


What is "The Big Problem" in the season two finale?

"Dragnet" tackled racial profiling by the police head on with a season two episode, in which Friday and Gannon work to improve police relations within the community.


Why is Howard Culver shot in the show's finale?

After Culver witnesses a robbery, he throws a bottle of wine at the criminal, who shoots Howard.


Who had a cameo as a new police recruit in a 1968 episode?

Football star O.J. Simpson had a cameo as a new police recruit in the 1968 episode "Community Relations: DR-10."


What year was the "Dragnet" movie released?

The Tom Mankiewicz-directed buddy comedy came out in 1987.


Who played Joe Friday in the 1987 flick?

Dan Aykroyd plays Joe Friday, nephew of the original Friday, who is just as straitlaced as his uncle.


Who is Friday's partner in the 1987 film?

Tom Hanks co-stars in the film as Friday's new partner, Pep Streebek.


What cult do Friday and Streebek tangle with in the film?

Friday and Streebek find themselves tangled up with PAGAN, People Against Goodness and Normalcy.


What year did the third "Dragnet" incarnation hit TV screens?

After the success of the "Dragnet" film, the show was brought back as "The New Dragnet" in 1989 and lasted two seasons.


True or false: Joe Friday was not present in the 1989 version of the series.

In the 1989 version of "Dragnet," Friday and Gannon were replaced by Vic Daniels and Carl Molina.


True or false: Joe Friday returned for the 2003 version of "Dragnet."

Joe Friday was back when the show returned for its fourth TV run in 2003, with Ed O'Neill playing the legendary detective.


How long did the 2003 version of "Dragnet" last?

The 2003 version of the show ran for just 22 episodes and never made it past the first season.


Who played Detective Frank Smith in the 2003 version of the show?

Embry played Detective Frank Smith, with Eva Longoria starring as Detective Gloria Duran.


Which of these shows was a "Dragnet" spinoff?

Police show "Adam-12" is nominally seen as a "Dragnet" spinoff.


Which "Dragnet" characters are the stars of "Adam-12"?

Minor "Dragnet" characters Pete Malloy and Jim Reed took the lead on "Adam-12."


How many Emmy awards did "Dragnet" win over its many incarnations?

The original '50s series won five Emmys, but the show never earned another Emmy after it went color.


What sitcom featured a nod to "Dragnet" in a 1995 episode?

In the 1995 episode "Mother Simpson," Homer's mother is captured by officers Joe Friday and Bill Gannon. Original Gannon actor Harry Morgan provided the voice for the animated detective.


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