Quiz: The Ultimate Drywall Hanging Quiz
The Ultimate Drywall Hanging Quiz
By: Staff
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Feeling adventurous with your home improvement project? Applying drywall is not as complicated as you may think. You may need some professional assistance or advice for certain steps, but don't be intimidated. Take this quiz and become a drywall do-it-yourselfer!

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What is the standard size of drywall sheets?
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How are drywall sheets typically installed?
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Besides drywall and nails, what other building material do you need?
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Some drywallers prefer using drywall screws instead of nails. Why is having a drywall setting on your drill useful?
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Before you install drywall, what do you need to do?
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What should you use to cut drywall?
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How far apart should you hammer nails into the drywall?
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How do you cover the nails?
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How many coats of joint compound should you apply?
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The second coat of joint compound should be:
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What tool should you use when applying the third coat of compound?
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What should you do once all the coats of joint compound are applied?
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What other areas of drywall should be covered with drywall tape and compound?
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What needs to be done on the outside corners of drywall?
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