Quiz: The Dune Quiz - How Much Do You Remember?
The Dune Quiz - How Much Do You Remember?
By: Michael Poteet
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About This Quiz

The movie "Dune" was based on the widely popular 1965 novel of the same name taking place on a desert planet as noblemen fought for land grabs and protection of their territory to control the "spice trade." Can you remember the name of the planet? While the movie was released in 1984, the planning stages began shortly after the cult following of the novel exploded a few years after the novel's release in 1971.  

This quiz will test your knowledge more than the harsh desert will test your body as we pick apart Dune, only for you to reassemble in in-depth and curious questions about the world of spice. From breeding programs to physical features that identify a Mentat, you will have to dig into your knowledge of this '84 film.

Do you remember what the water of life is? Or, can you recall what Dr. Yueh implants in Leto? Who are the Fedaykin and Sardaukar? 

As Duke Leto says to Paul, “Without ______, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” Can you fill in the blank? It is now time for you to emerge from your sleep and take this quiz to prove your worth on the planet of _____. What was the planet's name again?

Take this quiz and have a fun blast from the past!

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By what other name is planet Dune known?
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What physical feature identifies a Mentat, or human computer?
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Which music superstar played Feyd, Baron Harkonnen’s nephew, in the 1984 Dune movie?
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Which Shakespearean-trained, iconic sci-fi actor played Gurney Hallek in the 1984 movie?
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Who betrays Duke Leto and his family to the Harkonnens on Arrakis?
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Complete Duke Leto’s counsel to Paul: “Without ______, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”
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Provide the second line in the litany: “I must not fear. ______________. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.”
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What name do the Fremen give Paul when he and Jessica join them?
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In the 1984 film, what does Paul destroy in order to demonstrate the power of the weirding way?
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Complete Paul’s saying: “He who can _____________ a thing, __________ a thing.”
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According to Princess Irulan, “A beginning is a” what?
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Which character is responsible for the death of Baron Harkonnen?
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Complete the Fremen saying: “God created Arrakis to __________.”
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In Frank Herbert’s novel, what musical instrument does Gurney Halleck play?
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Which rock music group scored director David Lynch’s 1984 film version of "Dune?
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Which of these Dune novels has never been adapted to film or television?
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Which of these famous actors and actresses did not appear in the television miniseries "Dune" or "Children of Dune"?
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Which director attempted to bring "Dune" to the silver screen in the 1970s?
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Which was the last Dune novel to be published in Frank Herbert’s lifetime?
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With what prolific science fiction author has Frank Herbert’s son Brian collaborated to produce additional Dune novels?
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