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True or false: The Eagles' first best-of collection, "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)," is among the best-selling albums of all time.

The album has sold more than 29 million copies and is second only to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on the all-time best-selling list.

Which Eagles album was the first album ever to be certified platinum?

"Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)" was the first album ever certified platinum and has sold 29 million copies in the U.S.

Where did the Eagles record their first studio album?

The band recorded the album at the Olympic Studios in London.

Which band members wrote the iconic Eagles song "Hotel California"?

Don Felder, Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote the song "Hotel California."

Which band member was NOT part of the original lineup?

The four original Eagles were Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon. Don Felder joined the band later.

True or false: The four original Eagles originally formed as Linda Ronstadt's backup band.

The four original members were already professionals when they were Linda Ronstadt's backup band.

Glyn Johns, producer of the Eagles' eponymous debut album, also produced what other band of the era?

While Glyn Johns has worked with both The Clash and Band of Horses, that was later in his career and not during the time he produced the Eagles and Rolling Stones.

Which of the following are lyrics from "Life in the Fast Lane"?

Of course "outrageous parties" are part of life in the fast lane.

Which Eagles concept album had so much plotline that it hinted rumors of a movie?

Even though "Desperado" had no major hits, the title track, written Don Henley and Glenn Frey, has become a classic rock standard.

What guitarist joined the band with the album "On the Border"?

The Eagles added guitarist Don Felder on this album.

The Eagles also changed producers with the album "On the Border." Who was their new producer?

The Eagles enlisted Bill Szymczyk, who worked on all subsequent albums through 1982's "Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2."

True or false: Joe Walsh joined the Eagles in 1977.

Walsh joined the band in 1975, replacing founding guitarist Bernie Leadon.

True or false: Glenn Frey appeared in several television series in the 1980s and '90s.

Frey appeared on "Miami Vice," "Wiseguy" and "Nash Bridges." He also had a spot in the film "Jerry Maguire."

This ex-Eagle had the most successful solo career, and his single, "The Boys of Summer," went to No. 5 on the charts.

Don Henley's first single, "The Boys of Summer," won a Grammy for best rock vocal performance in 1985.

What date did The Eagles play their last show before breaking up?

The July 31, 1980, show was a benefit for California Sen. Alan Cranston. The actual breakup, however, was not official until 1982, after the release of a live album and a second greatest-hits album.

How long was it between The Eagles breakup and their reunion?

The band members went their separate ways in 1980 and reunited for their tour in 1994.

What is the name of the Eagles' 1994 reunion album?

In 1994 the band released "Hell Freezes Over," which included three singles: "Get Over It," "Love Will Keep Us Alive" and "Learn to Be Still."

True or false: "Hell Freezes Over" debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The album debuted at No. 1 and stayed there from Nov. 26 to Dec. 9, 1994.

What year were The Eagles inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The Eagles were inducted in 1998, their first year of eligibility, along with Fleetwood Mac, Santana and The Mamas and the Papas.

What year was the Eagles album "Long Road Out of Eden" released?

"Long Road Out of Eden," released in 2007, was the band's first studio album since 1979's "The Long Run."

True or false: "Long Road Out of Eden" earned the Eagles two more Grammy awards.

The band took home the Grammy for best pop instrumental performance for the song "I Dreamed There Was No War" and the Grammy for best country performance by a duo or group with vocals for "How Long."

How many Grammy awards have the Eagles won?

The Eagles have earned a total of five Grammy awards since winning their first in 1975.

True or false: All of the Eagles' band members were born and raised in California.

Although the Eagles are usually identified with the West Coast music scene, only bass guitarist Timothy Schmit was born in California.

At which store was the album "Long Road Out of Eden" exclusively available the first year after its release in the U.S.?

Fans could only get the album at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or the Eagles' website. However, other retailers purchased the album in bulk and resold it.

True or false: Former Eagles member Don Felder gave Tom Petty guitar lessons.

Felder taught a teenage Tom Petty guitar at a local music shop.

In 2015 what prestigious award were the Eagles supposed to receive but had to postpone due to Glenn Frey's deteriorating health?

The Eagles were to be honored at the highly prestigious 2015 Kennedy Center Honors, along with actresses Rita Moreno and Cicely Tyson, singer-songwriter Carole King, filmmaker George Lucas and conductor Seiji Ozawa, but chose to postpone until 2016.

What film by Cameron Crowe is said to be inspired by the 1975 Rolling Stone cover story on the Eagles?

Cameron Crowe, who famously interviewed the Eagles for a 1975 Rolling Stone cover story, says the article later inspired his 2000 movie "Almost Famous."

What songs did the Eagles play during their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame live performance?

Seven core members of the band performed "Hotel California" and "Take It Easy."

True or false: In 2012 the band released a critically acclaimed documentary, "History of the Eagles."

The band actually released the documentary in 2013.

True or false: Glenn Frey, founding member of the Eagles, died from complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia on Jan. 18, 2016.

Frey had long suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, and the colitis and pneumonia were symptoms of the medications he'd taken for years.

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