Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Earthquakes
Fact or Fiction: Earthquakes
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Earthquakes, like volcanoes, happen all the time -- but most of them are so minor we can't even feel them. They're also similar to volcanoes in that we can't fully predict them, and scientists are always waiting for the next big one to occur.

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About 10,000 earthquakes occur every year around the globe.
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Seismologists developed the theory of plate tectonics in the mid-19th century.
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Earthquakes kill about 20,000 people a year.
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If two plates move away from each other, it creates a huge crevasse -- like the Grand Canyon.
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Normal, thrust and strike-slip are some of the main types of faults.
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Earthquakes happen only along plate boundaries.
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Scientists worry that a major quake in a megacity (population more than 8 million) could kill 3 million people.
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The largest earthquake ever measured had a magnitude of 9.9.
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A quake is considered major when it registers more than 7.0 in magnitude.
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The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was before the time of the Richter scale, but it was probably about an 8.1.
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