Quiz: The History of Easter Quiz
The History of Easter Quiz
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Celebrate the festive spring holiday Easter by taking this quiz, which will set you straight on when it is observed, why it exists and — most importantly — which flavor jelly bean everyone is going to try to steal from your Easter basket.

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Let's start off with a basic question. What does Easter celebrate?
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What holy period ends with Easter?
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The lunisolar calculations are based on what calendar?
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The Wednesday before Easter is sometimes called …
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What does "Maundy" refer to?
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Easter is also called Pasch, which shares a common root with what other religious holiday?
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Some people interpret what event as a Passover celebration?
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An English tradition around Easter is "clipping the church." What does it entail?
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Don't try to buy booze on Good Friday in what booze-loving country?
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What baked good is traditionally eaten on Easter?
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What book in the Bible refers to the Easter bunny?
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Where did rabbits first become associated with Easter?
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What creature brings Easter eggs in Switzerland?
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What president hosted the first Egg Roll on the White House lawn?
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Where were eggs supposedly rolled before the White House opened its gates to the practice?
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What is a name for the Tuesday before Lent begins?
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When were the earliest chocolate eggs made?
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When did the first Cadbury Creme Eggs appear on the scene?
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In a move that outraged the British, Cadbury Creme Eggs went through what change in 2015?
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Who manufactures Cadbury Creme Eggs in the US?
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What is the most popular jelly bean flavor?
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