Eat a Bunch of Desserts and We’ll Reveal Which Deadly Sin You Commit the Most

Ian Fortey

What's the best flavor for any kind of dessert to have?

What's the best temperature for a dessert?

Everyone likes chocolate and that's a fact. What's the best kind of chocolate out there?

Which of these cakes would you want to indulge in the most?

What kind of fruit pie would satisfy your cravings the most?

If fruit seems too healthy for you, there are lots of fruitless pies out there. What kind do you want?

What's the best flavor of ice cream?

Sometimes you just want a tiny dessert. What's the best little treat?

Chocolate is great on its own, but it's even better when it shares the spotlight. What goes best with chocolate?

If you're having a bowl of ice cream, what kind of topping is going to make it even better?

Do you like to keep your dessert a little nutty? What flavor is the best?

Do you know what shape makes a great dessert? Squares! What's the best kind of square?

You can't resist donuts, can you? Pick the best kind of donut!

What is the superior flavor of cheesecake?

Cookies are such a good dessert you can enjoy them pretty much any time. What cookie is best?

There's always room for Jell-O! What flavor are you saving room for?

Sometimes after a big meal, it's just too much effort to chew a dessert. What's the best kind of pudding?

Italy is famous for some pretty amazing desserts. What's the best one out of these options?

The British have a long history of pretty tasty desserts. If you were going British for an evening, what dessert would you try?

Ice cream is all well and good on its own, but why not make something even fancier out of ice cream? Which ice cream dessert would really hit the spot?

Vanilla is a classic flavor for a reason. What's the best way to make vanilla shine?

Some desserts are so good they get named after where they were made. Which geographically delicious dessert do you want?

Sometimes a dessert ends up with a human name because who wouldn't want to be as sweet as a dessert? Which people-themed dessert is best?

Fairs make some of the best unhealthy desserts. Pick your fair food dessert.

Christmastime has some fantastic traditional desserts we don't usually enjoy during the rest of the year. What's the best Christmas dessert?

Twinkies are almost perfect but Hostess makes all kinds of other treats, too. What's your favorite?

You can't go wrong with some gooey, sticky marshmallowy goodness. What marshmallow dessert is the best?

You can get some great desserts South of the border. What Mexican dessert do you like the most?

Dessert has an amazing way of making healthy food less healthy. What's your favorite banana dessert?

Sometimes you only have time for a candy bar when you need to satisfy that sweet craving. What's the best kind?

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Image: Jena Ardell/Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered why we use the word "sinful" to describe something as wholesome and delightful as desserts? Is there anything evil or wrong about sweet, sugary treats? Of course not! So where does that term come from? Maybe it has something to do with the indulgence, the feeling that we must be doing something wrong if it's something so good. 

Or maybe it has something to do with those ancient deadly sins we all know and have a lot of trouble avoiding in our day to day lives.  The seven deadly sins are so hard to avoid because everyone falls prey to them eventually. They're based on basic human emotions and desires and you really need to push yourself to overcome them.  That might be easy to do sometimes but in the face of dessert?  Nearly impossible!

Since the deadly sins are pretty much unavoidable, we may as well make the best of them!  Them and the tasty desserts that they inspire!  Eat a bunch of desserts with us and we'll determine with a stunning and sinful degree of accuracy which of the deadly sins you can't help yourself from committing the most.  Take the quiz and see! 


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