Quiz: Ed Sullivan Show: Guest Stars and Greatest Moments
Ed Sullivan Show: Guest Stars and Greatest Moments
By: Bambi Turner
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Ed Sullivan provided a platform for the entertainment industry for 23 years, hosting the hottest performers in music, film and stage. His iconic show ran from 1948 to 1971, witnessing the end of vaudeville, the birth of rock and roll, and the launch of some of history's biggest stars. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the most memorable moments of "The Ed Sullivan Show

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What year did The Beatles make their first appearance on the show?
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What was the first song The Beatles sang on the show?
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How many times did The Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan in total?
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What Broadway show had the misfortune of appearing right after The Beatles made their first appearance on the show?
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Elvis only appeared on the show from the waist up to hide his swiveling hips.
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How much did Elvis earn for his first three Ed Sullivan appearances?
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What percent of households tuned in to watch Elvis on his first Sullivan show appearance?
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Why did Sullivan miss Elvis' first appearance on the show?
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What kind of creature was Topo Gigio?
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How many puppeteers were needed to operate Topo Gigio?
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What word got The Doors banned from the show?
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What year did Rodney Dangerfield make his Ed Sullivan debut?
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The first song this band performed on the show was a Chuck Berry classic.
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What year did Janis Joplin make her Ed Sullivan debut?
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What singer wore a purple cowboy hat for his Ed Sullivan debut?
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What legendary crooner appeared on the very first episode of Ed Sullivan?
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What did Senor Wences do for his Ed Sullivan act?
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Joan Rivers first big break on the show was as a writer.
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Ed Sullivan was forced to allow Joan Rivers to perform on the show.
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What year did The Supremes appear on the show for the first time?
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What band performed a crossover routine with The Supremes in 1967?
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Which guest had the greatest number of appearances on Ed Sullivan?
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What talent did frequent guest Rickie Layne bring to the show?
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How old was Stevie Wonder the first time he appeared on Ed Sullivan?
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What color was the Muppet Grover the first time he appeared on Ed Sullivan?
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What was the name of the bicycle-riding chimp on the show?
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Which comedian made his Ed Sullivan debut on May 5, 1965?
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This comedian called her Ed Sullivan debut one of the two hardest experiences of her life.
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Who was the final musical guest to appear on the show?
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What was the original title of the show?
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