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And so the lion fell in love with the lamb … They're the first couple of "Twilight" and one of the best-known human/vampire pairings of all time. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the love story of Bella and Edward.

Where does Bella see Edward for the first time?

Bella first lays eyes on Edward Cullen in the cafeteria at Forks High School.


What class do Edward and Bella have together?

Edward and Bella share a lab bench in sixth-period Biology II.


What does Edward do to save Bella's life at the beginning of the "Twilight" novel?

Edward somehow stops Tyler's van from hitting Bella after the vehicle skids across the school parking lot.


Who first alerts Bella that something supernatural is happening in Forks?

Bella learns of the cold ones, better known as vampires, while walking on the beach in La Push, Washington, with Jacob.


Where are Bella and Edward when he first admits that he's a vampire in the books?

Edward admits his undead status as he drives Bella home from Port Angeles, Washington.


What do Bella and Edward do on their first date?

For their first official date, Edward suggests hiking, an idea that worries the clumsy and nonathletic Bella.


What does Edward give Bella for her 18th birthday?

For Bella's big day, Edward composes a piece of music for her that he calls "Bella's Lullaby."


What event causes Edward to leave Forks in "New Moon"?

After Jasper attacks Bella during her birthday party, Edward leaves Forks in an effort to keep Bella safe.


Why does Edward go to Italy?

After Edward thinks Bella has died, he heads to Italy to let the Volturi destroy him so he doesn't have to live with the pain of losing her.


Why do the Volturi let Bella live in "New Moon"?

The Volturi only let Bella live after Edward promises to eventually transform her into a vampire.


What condition does Edward want met before he transforms Bella?

Edward refuses to make Bella into a vampire until she marries him.


What is Bella and Edward's favorite book?

In "Eclipse," Bella and Edward spend considerable time passing a copy of "Wuthering Heights" back and forth and discussing the tragic relationship of Heathcliff and Cathy.


Where does Edward want Bella to go to college?

Edward wants Bella to head to Dartmouth with him after both are accepted by the prestigious school, but Bella worries about covering the tuition.


What month do Bella and Edward wed?

The couple tie the knot on Aug. 13, just a few months after high school graduation.


Where do Bella and Edward head for their honeymoon?

Bella and Edward celebrate their new marriage on a tiny island off the coast of Brazil called Isle Esme.


What do Bella and Edward name their first child?

Bella picks the name Renesmee, which is inspired by the names of both Edward's mother and her own.


True or false: Bella and Edward's daughter is a full-blooded vampire.

Bella is still human when she gets pregnant, and Renesmee is half human, half vampire.


What is Bella's special skill after she is transformed?

Bella can shield her mind from others — even Edward, who is able to read every mind but Bella's.


What is Bella's first meal after she becomes a vampire?

Bella's first kill is a mountain lion, which also happens to be Edward's favorite food.


Whom does Bella leave Renesmee with when the Volturi come for the Cullens?

When Bella thinks that the Volturi will destroy the Cullens, she gives Renesmee to Jacob so the pair can start a new life.


Who is the maid of honor at Bella and Edward's wedding?

Alice not only serves as maid of honor, but also plans the entire event.


True or false: Bella gets pregnant on her honeymoon.

Bella discovers that she is pregnant on her honeymoon, just 17 days after the wedding.


Who finally transforms Bella into a vampire?

After she nearly dies giving birth, Edward injects his venom into Bella to transform her into a vampire.


Who imprints on Renesmee?

Werewolf Jacob imprints on Bella and Edward's daughter, forming a bond that will last a lifetime.


Who told the Volturi about Renesmee?

Irina informed the Volturi about the Cullens' immortal child, who isn't actually immortal at all.


How old was Bella when she and Edward wed?

Bella insisted on marrying Edward as young as possible, so she was just 18 years old on her wedding day, while he was 17.


What do the Cullens give Edward and Bella as a wedding gift?

Esme and Alice fix up an old cottage behind the Cullen house and give it to Edward and Bella as a wedding gift.


What song does Bella listen to on her first visit to the Cullen home?

Bella and Edward learn that they both love classical music after enjoying Debussy's "<i>Clair de Lune</i>" together at the Cullen home.


Who did Bella's engagement ring once belong to?

Edward chooses the ring that his birth father gave to his birth mother when he proposes to Bella.


Where do the couple share their first kiss in the books?

Bella and Edward lock lips for the first time in Bella's bedroom, after Edward has snuck into the house for yet another night.


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