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Look out Bradys, and move over Waltons — make way for the Bradfords, one of television's biggest families. Take this quiz to show how much you know about "Eight Is Enough."

When did the television series "Eight Is Enough" premiere?

It premiered on March 15, 1977. The title of the first episode of the series is "Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense."


Which sibling moves out in the premiere episode of "Eight is Enough"?

David Bradford moves out of the family home in the premiere episode.


True or false: There are four Bradford daughters and four Bradford sons in the series "Eight is Enough."

There are five daughters and three sons.


Which actor played David Bradford in the pilot episode?

Just two months after the pilot aired, Hamill starred in the blockbuster "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope."


Who is the oldest sister in the series?

Actress Lani O'Grady played Mary Bradford.


What is the name of the mother of the Bradford children?

Actress Diana Hyland played Joan Bradford.


Why did Joan Bradford appear in only four episodes?

The character Joan Bradford died early in the first season of "Eight is Enough." Joan Bradford was written out of the show when the actress who played her, Diana Hyland, died.


What is the name of Tom Bradford's second wife in "Eight Is Enough"?

Actress Betty Buckley played Abby in 102 episodes of the series.


What is the runtime of each episode?

The series "Eight Is Enough" was produced as a 60-minute television show.


Which character did Dick Van Patten play in the series?

Dick Van Patten played the patriarch, Tom Bradford.


What is Tom Bradford's profession?

Tom Bradford is a columnist for a newspaper.


Which Bradford did the actor Grant Goodeve play in the series?

He played David Bradford in every episode of the series, with the exception of the pilot episode.


Which network aired the series "Eight is Enough"?

ABC aired the series.


In which California city does the Bradford family live?

In the series, Sacramento is the capital of California and was incorporated in 1850.


Who is the youngest Bradford child in the series?

Actor Adam Rich played Nicholas Bradford.


Which Bradford sister did actress Susan Richardson play?

She played Susan. Richardson's first break in acting came from a small role in the 1973 movie "American Graffiti."


True or false: "Eight Is Enough" was based on a true story.

The television series was based on an autobiography of the same title, written by newspaper editor and columnist Thomas Braden. Braden was also co-host of CNN's "Crossfire."


What is Abby Bradford's profession in the show?

Abby Bradford is a school teacher.


Which Bradford sibling is Abby tutoring when she first meets the family?

When Abby first meets the Bradfords, she is tutoring Tommy. Abby was introduced in the second season of the series.


Which actor played Tommy Bradford?

Aames' first professional acting job was an ad for Phillips 66.


Who is the youngest Bradford sister?

Actress Connie Needham played Elizabeth Bradford.


True or false: Janet Bradford is Tommy's wife in the series.

Janet Bradford, played by actress Joan Prather, is David's first wife in the series.


Which Bradford did actress Dianne Kay play?

Kay played Nancy Bradford.


Which actress played Joanie Bradford?

Walters was actually older than actress Betty Buckley, who played Joanie's stepmother, Abby Bradford.


Which Bradford sister is married to Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell?

Susan Bradford marries Merle, played by actor Brian Patrick Clarke.


Which character does actor Ralph Macchio play in the last season of the show?

Macchio played the character Jeremy. Macchio appeared in 19 episodes of the series.


How many episodes of "Eight Is Enough" were produced?

The series aired for five seasons and 112 episodes before being canceled.


Which "Eight Is Enough" star sang the theme song?

Goodeve performed the theme song.


True or false: One reunion special was produced after the show was canceled.

Two reunion television movies were made after the show was canceled. "Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion" aired on Oct. 18, 1987, and "An Eight Is Enough Wedding" aired on Oct. 15, 1989.


When did the last episode of the show air?

The last episode aired on May 23, 1981. In 2000, actor Dick Van Patten revealed in an interview that he learned of the cancellation of the show from a newspaper article.


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