The 'Empire Records' Quiz


Who directed the film?

Moyle also directed "Weirdsville" and "Say Nothing."

In which year was the film released?

The same year saw the releases of "Toy Story" and "Braveheart."

Where was Anthony LaPaglia, who plays Joe, born in real life?

He also starred in the TV series "Without a Trace."

The character Deb does what during the movie?

Robin Tunney's hair is completely mangled during the scene.

Liv Tyler's dad is the lead singer for which legendary rock band?

Steven Tyler passed on a lot of artistic talent to his daughter.

How many major characters were cut during editing?

But apparently no amount of editing could rescue this movie.

In the movie, the characters attempt to save the record store from what?

This was long before the advent of streaming music and the widespread use of MP3s.

Years after the movie, Ethan Embry confessed that he had a crush on which actress during filming?

He also had a thing for Robin Tunney.

"Encino Man" starred which actress, who also plays a major role in "Empire Records?"

Both films were panned by critics.

Which store employee initially tries to shoplift CDs?

He tries to tell store workers that his name is Warren Beatty.

On the whole, critics loathed the movie but praised which aspect?

The music was probably the strongest aspect of this movie.

In which U.S. state does the story of "Empire Records" unfold?

The city, however, is never named.

Rory Cochrane also stars in what other music-heavy movie?

In addition, he had major roles in "Black Mass" and "A Scanner Darkly."

What job does Renee Zellweger's character have in the movie?

She is one of the movie's wilder characters.

Which actor plays Lucas, who does his best to get back the missing money?

He tries to win back the money before Joe finds out.

The film's writer, Carol Heikkinen, also wrote the screenplay for which movie?

That movie was mostly notable because it was River Phoenix's last role before he died.

Heikkinen wrote the movie based on her experiences as an employee for which store?

Her life experiences gave her an appreciation for locally-owned music shops.

How much did "Empire Records" make at the U.S. box office?

Considering the solid cast, that take was rather disappointing.

What was the film's approximate budget?

It was a complete financial flop of a movie.

How much of the store's money does Lucas lose gambling?

And he loses all of it on a single bet.

Which band's music is used in the film but NOT included on the soundtrack?

The name of the song was, "This is the Day."

What problem does Liv Tyler's character (Corey) struggle with during the movie?

Her substance abuse problems cause her numerous problems.

In how many theaters did the movie open?

It also received little promotional assistance from studio executives, who didn't like it.

Why did Warner Bros. change the record label it contracted with to create the soundtrack?

The band's tune "'Til I Hear it From You" was a key song on the soundtrack.

Which film critic didn't like the movie but predicted that the cast members were probably capable of much better?

He was right, as most of the film's cast members landed much, much bigger roles.

What's the first name of the 80s pop singer who stops by the store on a publicity tour?

Rex Manning is a washed-up singer and none of the employees are excited about his visit.

Which artist does NOT have a song on the soundtrack?

Cracker, Better Than Ezra and The Cranberries are also featured.

In one of the film's more memorable scenes, which character physically assaults Lucas?

He is understandably upset about the thousands of dollars in missing cash.

Liv Tyler sings background vocals on which of the soundtrack's songs?

The song is actually a cover of a song made by Big Star.

After "Empire Records," which movie catapulted Renee Zellweger to enormous fame?

"Empire Records" didn't make her a star, but playing opposite Tom Cruise definitely helped.

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