Quiz: Ender's Game, the novel: How well do you know the characters?
Ender's Game, the novel: How well do you know the characters?
By: Olivia Seitz
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From the genius children of Battle School to the secretive military commanders who train them, how much do you know about the characters of Orson Scott Card's best-selling novel?

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Where does Ender first meet Mazer Rackham?
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Which of the following characters doesn't immediately dislike Ender?
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To what Battle School Army was Ender first assigned?
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Where do Ender and Alai become friends?
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What nickname is given to new students who arrive at battle school?
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Who does Ender love the most?
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What motivates Colonel Graff's actions toward Ender?
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Which member of Ender's "Jeesh" is most similar to Ender?
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Who uses the pseudonym of Locke?
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Who helps Ender learn to shoot in the battle room?
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Who is in a relationship with Petra at the end of Ender's Game?
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Which of the following characters isn't a platoon leader in Ender's Dragon Army?
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Who was too "soft" to join Battle School?
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What does Ender believe is necessary to beat an enemy thoroughly?
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Who challenges Col. Graff about the grueling battle schedule Ender faces at battle school?
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Who commands Ender during his time in Rat Army?
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Who posts political treatises on the internet, under the pseudonym of Demosthenes?
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Who is considered to be too unstable and violent to attend Battle School?
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What do the Formics want to be remembered as?
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Who wants to have Ender brought back to Earth, then ultimately tries to keep him away?
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What role does Peter Wiggin assume when he grows up?
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What haunts Ender's dreams immediately after the war is over?
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Who tries to prevent a solo confrontation between Ender and Bonzo?
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Who chooses a life in space, to travel with Ender?
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What is Ender's real name?
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