Quiz: Do you know how car engines work? Prove it!
Do you know how car engines work? Prove it!
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About This Quiz

Are you the type that gets all confused when you open up the hood of your car and check out your engine? Or are you the type that knows exactly what is going on? Is changing your oil a piece of cake, or does the thought of doing that give you an anxiety attack? 

There are a lot of people who like to seek out knowledge when it comes to art, history, and literature, but do those same people care about the inner workings of a car engine? Are you ready to step on the gas when it comes to this quiz or do you need to pump the brakes? Does a car engine just look like a mess of tubes and wires, or can you identify each part of it and what it does?

Do you know the difference between an internal combustible engine and an external one? Do you think a reed valve is something that you would find on a clarinet? How well versed are you in combustion chambers? Do you know the difference between an electrical outlet and an exhaust outlet? 

Well, we can see that you might think you know your way around a car engine. Maybe you should take this quiz and prove it.

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