Quiz: Engines in Warfare: The Amphibious Vehicle
Engines in Warfare: The Amphibious Vehicle
By: John Miller
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By comparison, desert sands and steep mountains look almost bearable. The oceans and lakes of the world stand as one of the biggest challenges for militaries looking to accomplish tough objectives while trying to survive bullets and bombs. To that end, many nations build and maintain amphibious assault vehicles of all kinds, all in the hopes of defending their interests. Can you withstand the rough waves of this amphibious war vehicle quiz?

Vehicles like tanks and Humvees have proven their worth through years of tough combat. And although they can splash through puddles, even small ponds can stop them in their tracks. Amphibious combat vehicles, on the other hand, can tear across both beaches and water while keeping troops safe. Do you know the wartime histories of these famous craft?

They feature big in action movies, too. Any fan of Jackie Chan movies will remember his epic fight scene that took place on a hovercraft careening through city streets. Heroes from GI Joe to the Street Fighter crew have used amphibious vehicles to great effect.

From the beaches of Normandy to the horrors of Guadalcanal, amphibious military vehicles don’t just go in with the tide … they change the tide of war. Splash through this epic war vehicle quiz now!

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What was the purpose of the world's first amphibious vehicles?
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In what war did amphibious vehicles first make a big splash?
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Modern AAVs originated with which force?
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During World War I, British commanders considered using an amphibious attack with tanks. Why did they abandon their plans?
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Which country first successfully floated a tank across a serious water channel?
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Why did the U.S. Marines begin planning amphibious assault vehicles in the 1930s?
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The DUKW was a type of amphibious truck that had a major impact during which conflict?
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How big were WWII-era DUKW boats?
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In WWII, LVTs became iconic. What does LVT stand for?
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The Gama Goat was an amphibious American vehicle made for which war?
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Late in WWI, British engineers waterproofed a Medium D tank and sent it across the water. What happened?
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What sort of reputation did Gama Goats acquire during the Vietnam War?
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What did the "D" in DUKW boats stand for?
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In WWII, how many armed troops could squeeze into an LVT-1?
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The M520 Goer was a U.S. Army earth mover that also had amphibious capabilities. How did this huge vehicle move through the water?
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What sort of armor did DUKW (duck boats) have in WWII?
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In WWII, the Germans developed the Landwasserschlepper, which was essentially what?
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The British were the first to successfully float a tank across a difficult water obstacle. How much did that tank weigh?
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LVTs were incredibly important in which theater of WWII?
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In WWII, German commanders wanted to put snorkels on which type of vehicle in order to invade Britain?
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What was special about the LVT(U)X2 Goliath, which the U.S. built in the late 1950s?
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A man named Ben Carlin is the only person ever to drive around the world (land and sea) in an amphibious vehicle. What country was he from?
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U.S Marines used duck boats to cross coral reefs in the Pacific Theater. How did that play out?
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True or false, after WWII, were LVTs decommissioned from the U.S. military?
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How many duck boats did the Allies use during WWII?
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How did duck boats move through the water?
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What was one notable trait of Gama Goat vehicles?
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The Alligator was a civilian forerunner of which incredible amphibious vehicle?
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