Quiz: The Ultimate Estate Sales Quiz
The Ultimate Estate Sales Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Regardless of the circumstances, disposing of a lifetime's worth of possessions is an enormous task. Take this quiz and see how much you know about estate sales.

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What is another name for an estate sale?
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What is the fee to use a company?
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How can you locate an estate sale?
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What should I require from an estate sale company?
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What does bonded mean?
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Other than a death, why might someone hold an estate sale?
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Is it an acceptable practice to offer a lower price for an item?
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Do estate sales offer high end items?
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How much does it cost to meet with an estate sales company and a professional look at the items you have to sell?
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If I hire a company that charges a lower commission, why does this not guarantee I will make more money?
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What should you do with the leftover items?
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Who cleans up after the estate sale?
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