Quiz: The Ultimate European Geography Quiz
The Ultimate European Geography Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

For centuries, the continent of Europe has been a seat of power in world affairs. Covering millions of square miles and with trillions of dollars in economic might, its nations guide the fates of countless people around the world. But how much do you really know about Europe and its geography? Are you familiar with the countries that make up the various parts of the continent? Or do you still think that the Congo is a neighbor to Slovakia?

Europe features some of the biggest and most beautiful mountain ranges around, but do you know the Alps from the Appalachians? It's also crisscrossed with rivers small and large, some of which flow right through large cities. Can you tell the Seine from the Thames?

With dozens of countries on the continent, Europe has notoriously complicated political affairs, thanks in large part to its complex borders. Do you know which countries border Germany? How about France and Spain? Europe is home to some of the most famous cities on Earth, places where politics and the arts blossom, wane and grow again. Can you name any of Europe’s famous metro areas?

We'll soon find out if you're a geography-savvy Europe expert or someone who doesn't even have a passport. Take our European geography quiz now!

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