Can We Guess the Gemstone That Matches Your Personality?

Teresa M.

Which of your best friend's traits do you like most?

What kind of class would you most enjoy taking?

How athletic are you?

Are you more emotional or logical?

Which outdoor activity do you enjoy most?

How healthy is your diet?

What's your current relationship like?

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Do you kiss and tell?

Which word would your boss use to describe you?

Would you ever shave your head?

What do you keep calm and do?

Are you military material?

Do you prefer lemon or lime?

Which kind of music gets you moving?

Which major US city would you like to explore?

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Are you competitive by nature?

How optimistic are you?

Are you outgoing or shy?

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

What was your last dream like?

What are you more likely to do on a long weekend?

Which farm animal do you find most interesting?

Do you always make your bed?

Which job would you be best suited to try?

Which season do you find most beautiful?

Are you good at saving money?

How high maintenance are you?

How often do you watch the news?

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About This Quiz

From ancient civilizations to contemporary generations, gemstones have always been used to adorn our bodies and flaunt a little. They have also been used in healing and sacred ceremonies around the world. If your personality could be summed up in one gemstone, which one would it be? 

When you think of yourself, do you think of yourself as being brilliant or do you think of yourself as being deep? By the time we get to know your personality a little better, we'll look at the uses for gemstones and the beliefs held around them to determine which one you are most like. Will it be something as alluring as an opal or as regal as a sapphire? The way you answer our questions will lead the way to finding out. 

You might have the loving emotions tied to rubies, but you might also carry the serene traits of a sapphire. As we go through our questions, your personal traits will be compared to the legacies of gemstones around the world. Once we've finished getting to know you the best we can we'll be able to determine which of the shiniest and strongest minerals in the world match your personality the best, so go ahead and take this quiz! 

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