What's the Military Nickname That Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

Torrance Grey

What drew you (or would draw you) into military service?

Which of these branches of the military did you, or would you, serve in?

Which of these branches of the Army are you best suited for?

Which of these American presidents do you most admire?

Are you happy with your level of education?

How much money would you like to earn someday?

Which of these values would you say your family instilled in you?

You've got a free half-hour before lights-out. What do you do with it?

It's breakfast time! If you could have anything, what would you like to eat?

Which of these kinds of music are you most likely to listen to?

Do you like to dance?

At what age would you like to get married?

What are you looking for in a spouse or long-term companion?

What's an ideal first date for you?

You've only got 30 minutes to clean house before your date arrives. What do you do?

You're hiking after sunset and hear a rustling in the bushes. What do you do?

Do you consider yourself good at cooking?

At a well-stocked shoe store, which of these are you likely to buy?

What kind of pet would you like to own?

What genre of movie do you like the most?

How large is your circle of friends?

Which of these 2000s shows did you like the most?

Which of these sports stars do you most admire?

Which of these is your favorite wardrobe accessory?

Imagine you're back in school, and participation in a sport is mandatory. What would you sign up for?

Which of these solitary workouts would you most enjoy?

How do you feel about public speaking?

What kind of cooking are you most likely to pursue?

How do you feel about technology?

Which of these classic books would you have stuffed into your rucksack?

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About This Quiz

No matter the branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard), the military generates a couple of things in vast numbers. These include rules, regulations, and acronyms (e.g., CENTCOM for "Central Command") ... and nicknames! Some of the history's most famous military leaders had them. Douglas MacArthur, one of America's heroes of the Pacific in WWIII, was called "Dugout Doug" as a sign of his willingness to get down and dirty with his troops. The lesser-known general Mark Clark, also a WWII veteran, was called "Contraband" in his West Point days for his ability to smuggle snacks into the barracks. On the Navy side, we have Admiral William Halsey, called "Bull" by the press. 

But nicknames aren't just for the top brass. At West Point, for example, all plebes (first-year cadets) are required to give each other nicknames as a bonding exercise. Because of the number of cadets, and the fact they're still relative strangers to each other, many of these handles are simply last names, e.g., "Boyd." Later, however, soldiers who are in the field and the barracks with each other often earn truly inventive nicknames, based on their personality, their behavior, and their unique strengths. 

Ever wondered what your military nickname would be? We've got a quiz that'll narrow down the possibilities and assign you one. Just answer honestly, and then wear your new moniker with pride!

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