Quiz: Everyone Has a Pop-Tart Flavor That Perfectly Represents Them — Which One Are You?
Everyone Has a Pop-Tart Flavor That Perfectly Represents Them — Which One Are You?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

The coolest thing about Pop-Tarts, except for how ridiculously awesome and delicious that they are, is all of the different flavors. There are so many different killer flavors in the world of Pop-Tarts that they are all totally unique. And you know what else is totally unique? Why, you of course. In the whole world, there is not one single person that is exactly like you. Your looks, your vibe, your personality, your sense of humor, your heart, your mind. There is no one else like you in the entire universe.

Which is why it is so wild that you are exactly like a Pop-Tart flavor. You might think we are making this up, but there is one particular flavor of Pop-Tarts that has the same vibe as you do. Are you kind of old school like Brown Sugar Cinnamon? Are you the type that is more substance than style like Unfrosted Blueberry? Are you impulsive and like to live on the edge like Wilidicious Wild! Berry? Or are you the type that just defies traditions and norms, like Blue Raspberry? 

No matter which flavor you are, we know that you're best lightly toasted. Now take the quiz already if you don't mind; all of this Pop-Tart talk is making us hungry.

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