Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess Which Type Of Girl You Attract!

Steven Miller

Are you usually better or worse off because of a relationship?

How beautiful are the women you attract?

Do you enjoy pain?

Is it common for you to lose yourself in a relationship?

Of the following, which movie is most appealing to you?

Which outfit best matches the type that you generally date?

Which activity sounds most appealing for date night?

How much traveling do you do?

Are you an exotic type of person?

Do you march to the beat of your own drummer?

Would you consider yourself to be a hippie?

Have you ever lived in a vehicle or tent for an extended period of time?

How handy are you?

Would you consider yourself to be outdoorsy?

What was the length of your longest relationship?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Are you into cuddling?

Which description best matches your love life?

How close are you to your family?

Who does your laundry?

What time of the day are you at your best?

What's your highest level of education?

Would you consider yourself to be an expert in your field?

How deep are you?

Where are you most likely to get your news?

Do you wear glasses?

Where are you most likely to meet someone?

Do you ever use cheesy pick-up lines?

Do you tend to follow your head, heart, or gut more?

How skilled are you at talking about your emotions?

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About This Quiz

Whether we're conscious of it or not, our actions, preferences and overall style influence the woman that we attract. By taking a look at how you go about your daily life, we think we can narrow in on the type of female that picks up what you're putting down.

Perhaps you're someone who is very smart, maybe even an expert in your field. If you can carry on deep conversations and hold your own in a debate, then it's likely that the intelligent type is going to be the one most drawn to you. If you're eternally curious and always exploring new areas of interest, we're even more convinced that this is who digs your vibe.

On the other hand, maybe you're someone who can't help but be drawn into a highly destructive relationship. If you often feel a strange mix of attraction and suffering from the women you date, it's likely that the femme fatale type has got your number. Should you mention that you often feel that the woman you're dating is way out of your league, this is starting to sound dangerous, which we assume turns you on.

If you're ready, let the speed dating begin.

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