Quiz: Can We Guess the Ancient Greek Goddess That Matches Your Personality?
Can We Guess the Ancient Greek Goddess That Matches Your Personality?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Youtube

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The ancient Greeks didn't see religion the way most modern westerners do. They believed that their gods and goddesses, as the personifications of various aspects of the universe, should be just that: personifications; like people. People can be jealous, spiteful, angry, and greedy. They can be driven by lust or gluttony, love or patriotism. 

The ancient Greeks' gods and goddesses behaved this way, as did all public figures, and regular people. To the ancient Greeks, gods weren't to be revered for their character, as with Jesus, but feared and worshiped for their power over human destiny.

On a related note, the ancient Greeks gave birth to the discipline of science. Using the tools of analysis, the ancient Greeks were able to really dissect the world and separate all of its many properties, categorizing them in a pseudo-scientific manner. These properties were then given names, and considered as gods and goddesses. 

This is how we have the Greek pantheon: the ancient Greeks saw gods in war and invention, death and birth, inspiration and the hunt. Some of these gods were male, while some were female. These choices may seem arbitrary, but they were made very deliberately, and say something about ancient Greek culture.

We all have things in common with the ancient gods and goddesses of Greece. Which goddess matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

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