Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess What Harry Potter Character And Disney Princess Makes Up Your Personality!

Kennita Leon

Let’s start with Disney. Who’s your all-time favorite princess?

And which daring prince deserves a trophy for being so great?

Which Disney sidekick would you bring on an adventure?

Whose kingdom would you want to live in?

Which of these places is the most magical to you?

Which magical creature would you want as a fairy godparent?

What job do you think you would’ve had in the Disney universe?

Which villain do you think is very misunderstood?

Which Disney dad would you want to be a member of your family?

Which food looked the most delicious?

Which fashionista would you let pick out some clothes for your closet?

Which of these songs is your favorite?

Which of these Disney moments made you cry?

And whose love story was the most romantic?

Last Disney question: who’s the best Disney mouse?

Now it’s Harry’s turn! How would you have gotten to the Hogwarts castle?

Which small pet would you bring with you to the dormitory?

Which house would you have been sorted into?

Which magical class would you have looked forward to?

But which professor would you probably hate?

Which Hogwarts group would you have been a part of?

What would your position on the Quidditch team be?

Which other Hogwarts student would you have gone to the Yule Ball with?

Where at Hogwarts would you make your chill spot?

How well do you think you would’ve done on your exams?

Which accolade would you have graduated with?

How would you have felt if someone told you Voldemort was outside?

Where do you think you would have been during the Battle of Hogwarts?

Who was your all-time favorite HP character?

Were you happy with the way the seventh book ended?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Mandeville Films

About This Quiz

Two of the most popular and successful franchises in the world are Disney and Harry Potter. They both have magic, and they both have daring quests. Their adventures have both managed to enthrall human beings living on every continent on this planet. The best way to make everyone happy, in our opinion, is to make these two say hello in one of the most iconic quizzes of all time. So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to ask you a few questions and in return for your answers, we’ll tell you what Harry Potter-Disney character combination you are? Deal?

We’re going to ask you your preference from both franchises, such as who your favorite Hogwarts professor is, and which sidekick was most helpful in a princess’ journey. We want to know who you think the best prince is, as well as which spot in Hogwarts you’d make your chill spot. We also want to know a tiny bit about you as a person to close things off. By the end of the quiz, we’ll have the perfect understanding of which two characters you truly are. So, if you want to find out which two they are, let’s start this quiz.

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