Everyone Is a Combination of Two Fundamental Personality Traits — Here's Yours

Zoe Samuel

What movie genre do you like best?

What's your favorite style of cooking?

What kind of music do you love the most?

What car brand do you have the warmest feelings towards?

How many credit cards do you have?

How much active control do you have over your investments?

What sort of place do you most like to go on vacation?

Which small object do you like to collect?

What social platform do you favor?

Which dangerous sport would you be willing to try?

Which form of live entertainment would you rather attend?

What kind of museum are you most likely to visit?

If you had a choice of any area to direct your career, which would you choose?

What device are you most likely to use to get online?

How do you prefer to dress on your downtime?

How dressy do you get for work, relative to what is considered normal there?

What industry do you currently work in?

What is your sibling situation?

How old would you like to be when you have kids?

How ideologically driven are you?

How involved are you in your community?

Which eccentric "rich person" hobby sounds like fun to you?

How liked are you by your professional peers?

How much of an overlap is there between your work friends and your personal friends?

Does your significant other help you in your career somehow?

How easy do you find it is to ask for help?

How often do you find yourself comparing your circumstances to those of others?

How much do you hold a grudge?

How much time do you spend on your own?

How close are you with your childhood friends?

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About This Quiz

For some people, life is all about balance. They combine working hard with lazing around equally hard during their time off. They are ambitious and pushy at work, as they need to be, and kind and even chilled out around their family. They are super intense and know how to concentrate very hard, but they can also switch off and be entirely honest when you ask them what they're thinking about and they answer, "Nothing much."

Other people are more about going all the way to one side. They are like the real-world equivalent of the video game "min-maxers," who prioritize one set of strengths in their avatar without worrying about the fact that putting all their energy into this may leave them with tremendous weaknesses elsewhere. These people go all in. If they're mild and meek, then they're also unambitious and easily pushed around. If they're smart and ambitious, then they study and work every hour God sends, even at the cost of their personal relationships and their health. If they're concerned with justice, they will do what is right no matter what it costs them.

A healthy society requires a mix of all these types, as each has a valuable role to play - so let's find out how you fit in!

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