Quiz: Exactly How Old Is Your Soul?
Exactly How Old Is Your Soul?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Some people are old souls, and other people are brand new. You can usually tell which you are by a number of factors. Some of them relate to your tastes: whether you prefer a simpler life, whether you feel at home with modern technology, architecture, and decor, whether you get stressed out by all the noise out there.

Some of them relate to your politics, though those are harder to pin down. Sometimes, old souls lament the passing of older traditions and forms of thinking, while sometimes they're just so darn relieved to be living in an age when women are considered equal humans and slavery is are illegal that they believe changes to be a very good thing indeed.

Some of the factors in knowing whether you're an old soul, however, are more amorphous. Older souls feel more in the way of nostalgia, and they often get the sense that they've been someplace before. They're more likely to meet someone and feel like they've known them forever, usually because, in one sense, they have. Plus, they tend to feel the weight of karma and notice that their dreams often retain traces of past lives. If all that sounds like you, then perhaps you are an old soul indeed - and if not, then you might be fresh from the soul factory. Let's find out!

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