Quiz: Explosions in Space: The Supernova Quiz
Explosions in Space: The Supernova Quiz
By: Olivia Seitz
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

How much do you know about supernovae? Show off your knowledge when you take this quiz about huge explosions in space - light-years away - and the science behind them.

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What could fate could a star experience besides exploding?
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Who last witnessed a supernova in the Milky Way?
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What is necessary, at a minimum, for discovering supernovae?
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Which of the following can be used as evidence of supernovae?
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Will our sun become a supernova?
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After a Type II supernova, what remains of the star?
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What is a neutron star made of?
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According to NASA, how much would one teaspoon of a neutron star weigh?
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What would happen if two neutron stars collided?
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What is it called when a supernova results in a strongly magnetic neutron star?
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What releases the brightest light in the entire universe?
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When was the first live recording of a supernova?
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"Supernova" comes from two Latin words meaning...
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When was the first supernova recorded?
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When SN 1006 exploded into Earth's view, how bright was the night sky as a result?
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What beautiful phenomenon often results from a supernova?
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The delicate Veil Nebula, spawned from a supernova, resides in which constellation?
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What does a supernova sound like?
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How many stars can a protostar form?
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What event probably triggered the formation of our solar system?
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