Quiz: Game On: Extreme Sports Quiz
Game On: Extreme Sports Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Every few years or so, a new type of extreme sport pops up for those people who want to live (and play) close to the edge. Sometimes, that involves jumping out of planes, rolling down hills in giant balls or taking pogo sticks to the next level. Test how extreme your knowledge of these fringe sports is with the extreme sports quiz.

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What does the "B" in BASE jumping stand for?
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When zorbing, what are you strapped inside of?
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How high can the Flybar 1200, a souped up pogo stick, bounce?
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Which of the following extreme sports became an Olympic event?
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Which of these is not a wakeboard maneuver?
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What did Evel Knievel scale over on his first professional jump?
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What extreme sport, which means "free running," involves jumping across buildings and up walls?
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During biathlons, what must competitors carry on their backs?
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In skateboarding, if you're "goofy footed," which foot rides forward?
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