Quiz: Fact or Fiction: The Internet
Fact or Fiction: The Internet
By: Staff
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It's hard to believe that only about 20 years ago, the Internet was a strange, new world. And now it's difficult to imagine life without it. But how much do you really know about the Internet?

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As of June 2009, there were about 18 million domain names in existence.
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One of the most important predecessors of the Internet was a network called NETLINX. It started in 1979 with a connection between Harvard and MIT.
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The Samsung i5000, which came out in 1996, was the first cell phone with Internet access.
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The first widely used Web browser was called Mosaic, which was introduced in 1993.
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March 10, 2000, is the date of the infamous dot-com "bubble burst."
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After July 1, 2009, all computers sold in China will come with software that won't allow users to type sexual keywords.
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By some estimates, "cyberslacking" costs companies around the world $1 billion a year.
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