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There is nothing as noble as the prominent display of family heirlooms, trophies, photographs and artwork. And there is nothing as ignoble as the cluttered and haphazard manner in which this is often done. See whether you belong to the noble few by taking this quiz.

How can you showcase your children's artwork and family photographs using good taste?

Take pride in your family treasures. Frame them and have them sitting side by side on a spotlit shelf.


Where is a good area of your home to hang family mementos?

Wherever your home has lots of traffic, that's where you should hang your family mementos. This way they are seen and appreciated as part of the family culture.


Why would it be a problem if you hung up all your trophies, heirlooms and family works of art?

If you hung up, literally, all of them, you might create a clutter problem.


You want to hang your family photos in a professional manner. How can you achieve this?

It gives it a smart, even, professional look if you print them all in either black-and-white or sepia and frame them using similar frames.


In order to truly bring out the beauty of your family photographs:

There's nothing like the beauty of looking at striking, enlarged family photographs. They're your personal treasure, so show them off!


Over the years, your children have made (and continue to make) individual artistic masterpieces. What's the best way to handle the constant influx?

It's not only your children's artwork you love to display, but your grandchildren's as well. Every so often replace the older ones with newer masterpieces.


What could you use a shadowbox for?

A shadowbox is the ideal answer for small family pieces. You could use it to display medals, souvenirs and other knick-knacks.


How can you make a shadowbox by yourself?

This is easy as pie. Paint a wooden box, glue pieces of cloth to the "walls" and use hot glue to attach your mementos to it.


Designer shelves would be a clever way to display your trophies and family heirlooms. How would you then display your photographs and artwork?

Surprising as it may sound, the photos and artwork would look quite in keeping with the trophies. You can hang them between and around the designer shelves.


A simple coat rack or plaque of hooks can remind you of your family members every time you use it. How?

Make your own personalized coat rack and attach an item corresponding to each family member to the outer ends of the hooks or dowels.


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