Quiz: Now Calculating … The Famous Algorithms Quiz
Now Calculating … The Famous Algorithms Quiz
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Algorithms bring order to chaos, providing a clear path to accomplish a task, with applications far beyond math and computer science. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the famous algorithms that shape our world.

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Which of the following algorithms sorts a list of data by first dividing it in half?
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What is another name for a bin sort?
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A merge sort works by joining two unrelated lists, then separating them once again.
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Hashing is a type of sorting algorithm.
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What is Google's famous search algorithm called?
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PageRank is named after the pages it ranks during a search.
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What was the name of Google's infamous algorithm update in 2011?
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What name did Google give its major 2012 algorithm update?
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What is the MP3 algorithm used to do?
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How much does MP3 compress sound?
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SUITE B is a cryptography algorithm used by the NSA.
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How many items are sorted at once during a bubble sort?
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What is IBM's CRUSH algorithm used for?
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A* is an improvement upon Dijkstra's algorithm.
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What was the first song to use the Auto-Tune algorithm?
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A shell sort is a type of insertion sort.
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When did Euclid draft his "Elements?"
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What does the Euclidean algorithm help us find?
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What is the Karatsuba algorithm used for?
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RSA encryption is named for its creators.
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The TCP/IP algorithm was critical in the creation of the Internet.
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Which of the following is used to control traffic congestion on TCP/IP?
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FFT stands for Fast Fourier Transform.
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Quick sort is actually one of the longest and time-consuming sorting algorithms.
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Which of the following is key to the Naïve Bays algorithm?
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Ada Lovelace wrote the first computer algorithm way back in the middle of the 19th century.
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