Quiz: Celebrity Challenge: Famous Artists
Celebrity Challenge: Famous Artists
By: Staff
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Artists are the visual historians of society, transforming ideas and events into paintings, drawings, sculptures and more. Certain artists have wielded their craft so successfully that their work, in turn, has influenced history. Test your knowledge of some of these groundbreaking visionaries by taking the famous artists quiz.

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What profession was Michelangelo supposed to pursue?
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What condition did Vincent van Gogh suffer from that caused him to cut off one of his ear lobes?
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Which artist's work embodies the spirit of Impressionism?
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What artistic method accounts for why the eyes of the "Mona Lisa" seem to follow you?
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The theft of which painting actually boosted its popularity?
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Which artist is famous for his Impressionist dancers?
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Following his famous Blue Period, which predominant color did Pablo Picasso transition to?
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What subset of Impressionism is characterized by using dots rather than strokes to comprise a painting or drawing?
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Impressionist artist Walter Sickert has been posthumously accused of being what famous serial killer?
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Who painted the iconic "American Gothic"?
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