Quiz: From Bobby Jones to Michelle Wie: Famous Golfers Quiz
From Bobby Jones to Michelle Wie: Famous Golfers Quiz
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Today’s pro golfers not only earn huge purses for wins, but the best also land instant celebrity status that rivals starlets and socialites, not to mention big, fat paychecks. Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest to play the game, had earned a stunning $1.37 billion as of 2015. However, only 10 percent of his fortune is from actually winning tournaments; sponsorships and endorsements land him the truly big bucks! But the influence of famous golfers is far from just financial. In fact, at the peak point of Woods’ popularity in the late 2000s, 2.4 million people in a year were inspired to start playing the game.

Nowadays, golf can make a person famous, but the original golfers were actually celebs first. King James IV, King James VI and Mary Queen of Scots are just a few of the royal golf-lovers, an irony since the sport was once banned in Scotland because it took away time from archery practice, considered necessary to national defense. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about any such restrictions today, although the sport is considered by some to be expensive to the point of being exclusive. Still, these days it seems like you don’t even have to play the sport to be interested in its athletes. Indeed, public fascination with golfers doesn't end when they leave the course, and the top golfers find themselves in the news as much as other sports stars. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the lives and games of some of golf's best players.

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