Quiz: The Famous Internet Pets Quiz
The Famous Internet Pets Quiz
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About This Quiz

Famous animals have captivated the world for ages now. Just imagine the number of Instagram followers Mr. Ed, Lassie or Flipper would command were they alive today! Today, instead of red-carpet ready animals, however, it’s the regular Fidos who are taking the internet by storm, collecting followers by the thousands on social media, even scoring endorsement deals when they hit it big!

Sometimes, animals achieve online celebrity for sad reasons, though. Cecil the African lion shot to posthumous fame when he was killed by a dentist on safari. The outrage that followed his killing helped to spark change, however, with two lion species added to the endangered list as a measure to prevent trophy-hunting. Tilikum the orca was profiled in a highly inflammatory documentary called, “Blackfish,” which depicted the killer whale’s life in captivity at SeaWorld. Following public outcry, SeaWorld has since discontinued their orca shows and said that the current orcas at their sites are the last generation they will house.

The vast majority of social media animal celebs, however, are far more tongue-in-cheek, thankfully. Some are the beloved furry friends of human stars, whereas others sport unique characteristics that people just find irresistible. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the most famous animals on the internet!

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