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Famous Poets Quiz
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Their powerful prose made lasting statements, both personal and political. How much do you know about these famous poets?

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"The Negro Speaks of Rivers" was written by which poet?
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Which person wrote poetry and also worked for the Chicago Daily News?
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Who wrote a book of poems called "Live or Die"?
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How old was Emily Dickinson when she died?
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Other than poetry, what passion did Emily Dickinson pursue?
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In what year was William Shakespeare born?
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Which poem was the first written by Robert Frost?
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Shel Silverstein was a poet who may have been best known for which genre?
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Why was e.e. cummings forced to self-publish many of his poems?
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Who wrote "Sense and Sensibility" in addition to many poems?
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Which poet was one of the leaders of the Romantic Movement?
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How old was Elizabeth Barrett Browning when she began writing poetry?
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About how many poems did Emily Dickinson write during her life?
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Which poet created a collection of poems called "The Songs of Innocence"?
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Why did Alfred, Lord Tennyson struggle to record much of his work?
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In which war did e.e. cummings serve?
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This poet also wrote a novel, titled "The Bell Jar".
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What profession did John Keats abandon to pursue poetry?
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"Love Songs" earned which poet the Pulitzer Prize?
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Why did Samuel L. Clemens say that he didn't like poetry, even though he created poems himself?
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Who wrote "Goblin Market"?
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How many children did John Donne have with his wife?
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How many terms did Billy Collins serve as the poet laureate of the United States?
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Who is the first Hispanic poet laureate in the U.S.?
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Why was John Keats unable to wed his 18-year-old lover, who inspired much of his work?
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Where was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow born?
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Poet Walt Whitman was also renowned for what?
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Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote "Charge of the Light Brigade" after reading an account of a battle in which war?
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Which poet described Persephone as a "girl with the gorgon touch"?
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Which poet was known for being one of the first American writers to embrace the short story?
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