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Volcanoes are both terrifying and beautiful to behold. How much do you know about these famous volcanoes?

Where will you find Novarupta?

This is the site of the biggest eruption in the 20th century, which happened in 1912.


How many major glaciers are there on Mount Rainier?

And if it erupted, those glaciers could melt and cause devastating mudflows throughout the heavily-populated valley.


Where is the world's biggest volcano?

It is an enormous shield volcano called Tamu Massif, about 1,000 miles east of Japan. Its summit is about 6,500 feet below the ocean's surface.


How long is Tamu Massif?

And it is 280 miles wide, giving it an area of (gulp) 100,000 square miles.


True or False: The Tamu Massif volcano is still active.

It is considered extinct, to the good fortune of basically every living thing on Earth.


How many people died as a result of the 1912 eruption of Novarupta?

Its remoteness meant no one was directly in the path of the 60-hour eruption.


About how many earthquakes are there near the Yellowstone Caldera each year?

Most are pretty minor, but they are a reminder that the area has the potential for a massive eruption.


The Ojos del Salado is home to which incredibly high feature?

The lake is nearly 21,000 feet high and exists in a very dry environment.


What are the Volcanic Seven Summits?

Some mountain climbers make it a goal to climb all of them.


What is an example of a stratovolcano?

Stratovolcanoes are also called composite volcanoes because they have so many different layers.


Where is the biggest active volcano on the planet?

It is Mauna Loa, which researchers think has probably been erupting for the past 700,000 years or so.


Mauna Loa is what type of volcano?

From above, these volcanoes often resemble shields; this is the most common type of volcano in the Hawaiian islands.


Mount Sidley is the tallest volcano on which continent?

It was discovered by plane in 1934 and first climbed in 1990.


What type of volcano is Mount Sidley?

It is 14,058 feet tall, with a spectacular caldera on top, yet hardly anyone has ever laid eyes on it due to the remote location.


What is the tallest volcano on Earth?

Mauna Kea is the tallest when measured from its base at the ocean floor to its very summit.


From the ocean floor base to its summit, how tall is Mauna Kea?

That number makes it taller than Mount Everest.


What does "Eyjafjallajokull" mean in English?

It erupted in 2010 and wreaked havoc on the airline industry thanks to its huge ash clouds.


On which continent are all of the 10 tallest volcanoes?

They are all 20,000 feet or higher, creating some of the most arduous terrain on Earth.


What is the current status of Pico de Orizaba?

At 18,491 feet, it is the highest mountain in Mexico.


What sort of volcano is Paricutin, which is found in Mexico?

Staring in the 1940s, this one erupted for nearly a decade, slowly adding to its height.


What is the most active volcano in Antarctica?

It has been active for around 1.3 million years; it soars to nearly 12,500 feet.


How tall is Ojos del Salado, the volcano with the highest summit in the world?

It is in the Andes mountains on the border of Chile and Argentina.


When was the last time Ojos del Salado erupted?

That was just a minor (and scarcely documented) eruption; a bigger one exploded around 1,000 years ago.


About how many volcanoes make up the Pacific Ring of Fire?

The shifting of Earth's tectonic plates are what gives rise to many of these volcanoes.


What kind of volcano is Mount Fuji?

Composite volcanoes have a system of channels that allow magma to work its way to the surface.


What does "Mauna Kea" mean in English?

It is a dormant volcano and the highest point in the entire state of Hawaii.


From its above-water base to its summit, how tall is Mauna Kea?

It's much more impressive when you factor its submerged base.


Strombolian eruptions are named after a volcano that's located where?

These types of eruptions are often fiery, fun to watch and less dangerous to human life.


How many volcanoes are listed on the Decade Volcanoes list, which highlights some of the world's volcanoes with the greatest risk to human life and property?

Two U.S. volcanoes are on the list -- Mauna Loa and Mount Rainier.


Where is Mount Etna?

This very active volcano is one of the most dangerous in the world, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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