Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Famous Water Parks Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Famous Water Parks Quiz
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Wet and wild theme parks are getting bigger and better all the time. How much do you know about these famous water parks?

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What is the largest water park in the United States?
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How long is the Black Anaconda slide at Noah's Ark Waterpark?
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How many water parks are there in Wisconsin Dells, a town of 2,600 people?
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In what year did the indoors World Waterpark open in Alberta, Canada?
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How tall are the tallest waterslides at the World Waterpark?
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How many acres does the World Waterpark cover?
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How many slides are there in Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin?
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How many water parks does the SeaWorld brand operate?
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What's the maximum daily capacity of the Tropical Islands Resort?
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Tropical Islands Resort was built inside a huge hangar created for what purpose?
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Which park has a whopping eight Master Blaster water coasters?
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In which city is the world's tallest water slide?
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What happened to the dummy bags used to test the first runs on Verruckt, in Kansas City?
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What speed do Verruckt riders hit as they zoom down the slide?
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In which country is Siam Park, one of the best-reviewed parks in the world?
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What's the tallest diving platform at Area 47 in Austria?
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What sort of creatures are in the tank below the Tower of Power slide at Siam Park?
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What's the steepest slope on the Deep Water Dive slide at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay?
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Why were four of the wave-making walls of World Waterpark's Blue Thunder wave pool turned off?
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How tall is the Kilimanjaro water slide at Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Brazil?
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How many rides are there at the Yas WaterWorld in Abu Dhabi?
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Where is the largest water park in Latin America?
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What kind of ride is the Wildebeest, which is found at Splashin' Safari?
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Which country converted an Olympics facility into a huge water park?
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How many WhiteWater AquaLoop slides would you find at Caribbean Bay in Seoul?
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At which park would you ride the Dolphin Plunge?
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How many gallons of water fill the Captain Jacks wave pool at Water World Colorado?
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Where is the Waterbom Park?
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At Siam Park, you can experience the largest human-made waves in the world. How tall are the waves?
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How many plants are there inside Tropical Islands?
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