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Which of these dogs is least likely to become aggressive?

They may get a bad rep, but the National Canine Temperament Testing Association ranked pit bulls as less likely to become aggressive than many other breeds.

Where are poodles originally from?

Despite their reputation as a French pup, historians agree that these fluffy canines originated in Germany.

What were basset hounds originally bred for?

Basset hounds were popular for hunting small animals and are still used in rabbit hunting today.

What kind of dog is Snoopy?

Charlie Brown's lovable companion is a beagle. However, real Beagles are better at napping than at flying imaginary WWII fighter planes.

Which breed of dog looks like it has dreadlocks?

The American Kennel Club didn't recognize the bergamasco as an official breed until 2015.

Which of these breeds was the dog in the anime series (and film!) Cowboy Bebop?

Technically, Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Unlike Ein, though, most corgis are not genetically modified to be super intelligent.

Which breed of dog is most commonly used in animal testing?

Beagles are most commonly used in animal testing for cosmetics, chemicals and medications, because they are gentle and trusting.

Which of these breeds is not like the other?

The chow-chow and Chinese Shar Pei are the only two dog breeds that have black tongues.

True or False? All Chihuahuas look like the Taco Bell dog.

Long haired Chihuahuas look more like a Pomeranian with fluffy ears and tails.

Speaking of Pomeranians, from what breed did these little guys descend?

Pomeranians are spitz dogs, just like their much, much bigger cousins, the malamute and Samoyed.

What was Queen Victoria's favorite kind of dog?

Queen Victoria's collie, Sharp, was her best friend after her husband passed away.

Which of these dogs shows up in 15 of Picasso's paintings.

Lump the dachshund belonged to photographer David Douglas Duncan and is in 15 of Picasso's 44 "Las Meninas."

German shepherds became popular in the U.S. after which war?

American soldiers loved these pups so much that many of them actually brought them home from the front.

What is the oldest dog breed?

There is a lot of disagreement about the origins of dogs. Some experts say they originated in Europe, others say it was somewhere in Asia or the Middle East.

What were Dalmatians originally bred for?

Dalmatians were carriage dogs -- they ran next to carriages to protect them. That makes them great running buddies!

What's in the barrels that St. Bernards carry on their necks?

St. Bernards did rescue people from treacherous, icy situations, but they never carried barrels of booze. That myth came from a painting by 17-year-old Edwin Landseer.

What does shih tzu mean?

These affectionate companion dogs don't live up to their fierce name.

Where did golden retrievers originate?

Goldens are a relatively new breed of dog, appearing in Scotland in the mid-to-late-1800s.

William Wegman's photo series, "Dogs in Coats," features which breed?

Do yourself a favor and do a Google image search of "dogs in coats" to see the awesome portraits of weimaraners in, well, coats.

What was the heaviest dog ever recorded?

The largest dog ever recorded was an English mastiff named Aicama Zorba. He was 343 pounds!

What was the smallest dog ever recorded?

Pip the pug weighed less than a pound and was less than 4 inches tall.

What kind of dog is featured in George Rodrigue's "Blue Dogs" series?

The original Blue Dog was not a portrait of his family pet but based on a terrier/spaniel mix in a Cajun folktale called the <i>loup-garou</i>.

What breed was Tintin's dog, Snowy?

Tintin may have been the sidekick in the Adventures of Tintin comic book, but he and his wire fox terrier Snowy are the stars of the 2011 film adaptation.

What breed is the family dog, Isis, on Downton Abbey?

Two yellow labs have played the part of Isis on the show: Ellie and Abbie.

What breed of dog is Benji?

Benji creator, Joe Camp, wanted a mutt from a shelter as his star to shine a light on the importance of adopting instead of shopping for a dog.

What the heck is a labradoodle?

Breeders can cross labs with miniature, toy, or full-sized poodles, depending on what size labradoodle they're trying to breed.

How fast can whippets run?

Whippets are the fastest non-wild animals of their size, and can run more than 35 mph!

Samoyeds were originally bred as herders. What animal did they help herd?

These fluffy, white pups originated in Siberia, where they hauled sleds and herded reindeer.

What breed of dog is Old Yeller?

Fred Gipson never mentioned Old Yeller's breed in the book, but the dog in the 1975 film was a lab/mastiff mix named Spike.

Which of these isn't an official color for a labrador retriever, according to the American Kennel Club?

The American Kennel Club recognizes only three colors for labs: black, yellow and chocolate.

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