Quiz: Secrets of the Female Orgasm: How much do you know?
Secrets of the Female Orgasm: How much do you know?
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Until the 20th century the female orgasm was woefully misunderstood. While aspects of it still require demystification, it's no longer taboo to speak of it and discuss the fascinating discoveries of the last century. Not to mention searching for answers to our most intimate questions. Questions like, can a woman achieve the big O just by thinking about it? And why isn't there Viagra pill for women? Take a few minutes to test your female orgasm smarts.

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When a women has an orgasm parts of her brain are deactivated, effectively shutting down the following brain function:
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For women, the ability to achieve an orgasm could be genetic.
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The following device guarantees a female orgasm, and is estimated to cost $12,000 when it becomes commercially available:
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What percent of women have trouble reaching an orgasm?
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If you're someone who talks about your feelings a lot, you’re apt to have more orgasms.
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What is the French term for orgasm?
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Trained sexologists can tell a woman’s sexual history just by the way she walks.
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In women an orgasm can cause:
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The orgasm reflex can be triggered by:
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Evolutionary biologists think the female orgasm exists for what purpose?
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Even though texts like the "Kama Sutra" referenced "female semen," the modern medical community initially rejected the existence of female ejaculate. However various studies have confirmed it exists, and have found that the fluid contains:
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Women with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome report spontaneous and persistent genital arousal, with some women reporting periods of discomfort lasting for up to:
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It's possible to climax during childbirth.
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According to author Mary Roach's, “Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex,” Marie Bonaparte had a spot-on theory that the vaginal-clitoral distance determines whether or not a woman has an orgasm during intercourse. What’s the ideal distance?
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Could the the release of the “cuddle drug,” oxytocin, in conjunction with a woman’s orgasm cause women to fall in love after the act?
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It's not possible to have an orgasm while you sleep.
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The Gräfenberg Spot, or the G-Spot, is thought to be a nickel-sized area in the front wall of the vagina that's helps a women reach orgasm when deep pressure is applied. Is it for real?
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Which heterosexual position is more likely stimulate the clitoris and result in an orgasm?
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