Quiz: Fill in the Blanks and We'll Guess Your Bedroom IQ!
Fill in the Blanks and We'll Guess Your Bedroom IQ!
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

You might not be a genius in the streets, but you could be a rock star in the sheets. The way you fill in these blanks will reveal how high you score on the bedroom intelligence quotient scale. When your blood starts pumping and things get steamy, do you get smarter or do you completely lose all of your sense of reason? 

During this quiz, it's not so much about the word you choose. It's about the word you choose for the phrase or the sentence as a whole. Try not to get yourself too hung up on thinking about what everything could possibly mean. Instead, answer with the word you would actually use to complete the phrase to your satisfaction. 

Since you obviously want to know how intelligent you are in the bedroom, we will pay special attention to your sense of humor and your ability to handle yourself under pressure. We certainly do not think you are easily fazed, but you might find yourself blushing at some of our suggestions. No matter your reaction, we will only compare your answers to our bedroom IQ scale. No questioned asked! 

You might think you're the smartest lover in the prophylactic section of the grocery store, but it is a reality when it comes to getting down? Fill in the blanks, and we'll let you know.

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