Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess How Many Piercings You Have!

Kennita Leon

Before we get started, tell us a bit about your makeup habits. How often do you wear it?

How much coverage do you like?

How often do you go shopping for new products?

How much do you spend on makeup when you go shopping for it?

Where do you get your makeup inspo from?

Do you think you could be a beauty influencer?

Let's start adding items to this bag—after we choose it, of course. What kind of makeup bag do you want?

How many products should it be able to hold?

Eyes and eyebrows come first. What do you fill your brows in with?

What eye primer is the best?

Which brand sells your favorite palettes?

What colors look best on your eyes?

And what kind of eyeliner do you prefer?

The lips matter! What do you need to keep them moisturized?

What kind of lip product do you prefer?

Which shades look best on you?

And what finish do you usually go with?

Time for the skin. Which brand's foundation would you buy?

How many different shades of concealer do you need in your bag?

When it comes to your contour, how dark are you going?

How many colors will your highlighter palette have?

Now let's talk makeup applicators. What kind of sponge/blender do you need?

About how many brushes will you need?

But what's the most important brush in your arsenal—the brush you'll need two of?

And how will you get your makeup off?

Before we end, just a few questions about you and piercings. How high is your pain tolerance?

What kind of piercing looks the best, in your opinion?

Where would you never get pierced?

Could you stomach putting holes in people's bodies for a living?

And are you also into tattoos?

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About This Quiz

Piercings are how some of us express ourselves, whether it be with an anti-tragus piercing, a horizontal brow piercing or something a little naughtier like a mid-line tongue piercing. Adding metal to the surface of the human body has been done for centuries, if not longer, and people are only getting more adventurous with the placements today. But enough about history: What we really want to do is guess how many you have. Do you think we could figure that out with a few questions?

Makeup, just like piercings, is a form of self-expression, so we're going to fuse the two today in this quiz. For this quiz, we're going to need you to fill up a makeup bag with your favorite kinds of products; we're talking mascara, eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, lashes, foundations and concealers—basically, the works. Pick all of your favorites so that we can try to guess what number of piercings you currently have.  

So, if you think we've got what it takes to guess your piercing count based on your makeup faves, go ahead and get started on this quiz! Come on, aren't you curious to find out how well we do in guessing the number of your piercings?

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