Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess What Disney Princess Dress Will Look Best on You

Talin Vartanian

When it comes to face products, are you more of a BB cream, CC cream or a foundation type of person?

We heard that you're going on a date tonight! Which of these lipstick colors are you going to wear for that special someone?

There's no such thing as a real makeup bag unless you have which of these hair products in it?

Let's talk about eyeliners for a moment. Do you prefer pencil or liquid eyeliners?

Should makeup bags have compact mirrors in them or is that what bathroom mirrors are for?

Does your makeup bag contain any makeup remover wipes or will soap and water do the trick for you?

You can't properly style your hair without which of these hair styling tools?

Think about your favorite type of nail polish for a moment. Does it have any glitter in it or is it a solid color?

We need your opinion to settle this great beauty debate: Blush vs. bronzer, who really wins?

When it comes to fragrances, which of these scented notes do you like to spritz on?

Which of these skincare products do you use to hydrate your skin when it feels super dry?

Are facial mists a waste of money or are they a major necessity in every makeup bag?

Fill in the blank: I can't go more then two days without using my favorite __________ product.

Your lips need attention too! Which of these products do you use to make your lips soft?

Do you prefer to wear sunscreen separately or use makeup products with sunscreen in them?

Does your makeup bag contain more soft and neutral colors or bright and bold colors?

Don't be shy, we know you have some colored mascara or eyeliner hidden somewhere in your makeup bag! Are we right?

Is tinted lip balm the greatest invention on Earth or does it defeat the purpose of lipstick?

You've got a coupon for a free mascara of your choice! Which of these are you going to claim as your freebie?

How would you rate your contouring and highlighting skills on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest)?

Which of these skincare products would you never include in your makeup bag?

Everyone gets blemishes sometimes, but what's your secret to covering them up?

All you want for Christmas is which of the following beautiful eyeshadow palettes?

When searching for a face primer, which of the following finishes do you look for the most?

Powder vs. cream eyeshadow: Which one is the clear winner in this eye beauty debate?

Would you trade your favorite tube of lipstick for five other types of lip glosses?

Does your makeup bag contain any lip liners or do these lip products belong in the trash?

Is it better to use fake eyelashes or volumizing mascara to play up your eyes?

Everyone has a different method for cleaning makeup brushes, but how do you clean them?

Would you rather wear jet black lipstick or bright blue mascara for a first date?

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About This Quiz

Take a peek inside someone's makeup bag, and you can tell quite a bit about their personality. For example, a person that has a minimal amount of makeup products in their bag may be more low-maintenance, while someone with many types of makeup products may be a little more high-maintenance with their looks and hygiene. So whether you love eyeliner, blush, lipstick or something else, we're going to determine what kind of person you are based on your makeup preferences. 

Human beings express themselves in a multitude of ways. This may include fashion, writing, photography and of course, makeup. With so many makeup and skincare products to choose from nowadays, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creative and abstract makeup looks. Some makeup gurus take it a step further by creating looks that are avant-garde, bold and maybe even a bit scary at times (especially during Halloween).

But you don't need to be a makeup expert to take our quiz since all we're looking for is an appreciation for beauty itself. Tell us more about your favorite makeup products in this beauty quiz so we can match your personality to a pretty type of Disney princess dress!

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