Fill Up Your Makeup Bag and We'll Guess Your Celebrity Style Twin

Daisy Rogozinsky

What will you use as your base product?

Time for concealer! What brand do you want?

Which foundation speaks to you?

Now let's add some color to your face. Which of these do you buy?

What color blush do you buy?

What product do you buy to set your makeup?

What brand of powder do you buy?

What brand of brushes do you buy?

What do you use to apply your foundation?

Which mascara do you buy?

Do you buy false lashes?

How many eye shadows you buy?

Which eye shadow palette do you need?

What is the first color of eyeshadow you buy?

What is your go-to single eyeshadow brand?

What type of eye liner do you choose?

What color eyeliner do you buy?

Which eyeliner do you prefer?

Which lip product do you prefer?

What lip product do you buy?

What color do you choose for your lip products?

What tools do you need?

Do you buy highlighter?

Which highlighter do you buy?

Which of these popular items do you need?

What type of eyebrow product do you buy?

Do you buy an eye primer?

Do you buy glitter?

Which makeup remover do you buy?

Which eyebrow product do you buy?

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Image: Hillary Kladke / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Let's imagine you went on an amazing vacation, had a great time, ate some great food, but... Oh no! You forgot your makeup bag in the hotel. Now you have to replace it completely, starting over from scratch. If this were reality, it would be pretty grim. Thankfully, this quiz lets you play out this scenario without actually having to suffer through it. 

What would you do if you had no financial restrictions and could fill up your makeup bag with whatever you wanted to? Take this quiz and let us know which items you would put in your dream makeup bag. Once you do, we can determine a few things about your personality and the type of person  you are. As a result, we'll take a guess at which of our favorite current celebrities is your style twin. 

We'll tell you which famous person has similar taste to you in clothes, fashion, makeup, and so on. Use that information to turn to your style twin for inspiration for your next outfit or simply keep that fun fact in your pocket to share at parties, the choice is yours. 

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